Deutsche Bahn is a German paradox. Their product is becoming increasingly important, also for its owner, the climate-ambitious federal government. At the same time, the performance of the management team led by CEO Richard Lutz (59) is demonstrably getting worse and worse. But instead of intervening, the responsible Minister of Transport, Volker Wissing (53), is visibly dwarfing. He allows the board of directors of the state-owned corporation to act largely unhindered and scatter billions into dubious projects.

How could Lutz make himself so submissive to the Minister of Transport? Why does Deutsche Bahn only provide second-rate services in many respects? And what does this mean for the future of rail transport in Germany? Michael Machatschke, long-time railway expert at manager magazin, informs about this in this podcast in an interview with editor-in-chief Sven Clausen.

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