Beijing, June 6 (Wei Xianghui) On the 10th, the 10 national college entrance examination will all end, and at present, many places across the country have successively announced volunteer filling time. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, the admission work of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) this year should begin in early July and end before the end of August. In principle, the admission of the first batch of undergraduate students or the general batch of undergraduate students should start before July 2023 and end before the end of the month.

Infographic: Candidates walk out of the examination room after completing the exam. Photo by China News Agency reporter Lu Bo

Many places announce the volunteer filling time

At present, Beijing, Jiangsu, Henan, Hunan and other provinces have announced the volunteer filling time for the college entrance examination. Undergraduate volunteers in Beijing will fill in the application after the college entrance examination results are released, and the first volunteer application will be arranged from June 6 to July 27, and the time for collecting volunteers will be arranged according to the admission process.

June 6 and 26 are the time when more provinces begin to fill in volunteers, such as Henan, Hunan, Hainan, Gansu and other provinces.

Among them, Henan Province fills in the report in three stages: from 3:6 on June 26 to 8:00 on June 28, the military recruits flights, undergraduate advance approval (public security and judicial specialties are approved with this batch), national special plan undergraduate approval, art undergraduate early approval, counterpart enrollment (this and junior college) volunteer to fill in; From 18:00 on June 6 to 30:8 on July 00, Art Undergraduate Section A, Art Undergraduate Section B, Special Type Admissions, Undergraduate Batch, Local Special Plan Undergraduate Approval, and Undergraduate Second Batch Volunteer Fill-in; From 7:2 on July 18th to 00:7 on July 4, the college will be approved in advance and the higher vocational college will be approved for volunteering.

Also reported in three stages is Shaanxi Province. Early batches (including literature and history, science and engineering majors, art majors and sports majors), separate undergraduate batches, undergraduate batches, and vocational education single enrollment (this and junior college) volunteers should be filled in from 3:6 on June 24 to 12:00 on June 6; The second batch of undergraduate volunteers will fill in the application after the admission of the first batch of undergraduates; Higher vocational (junior college) volunteers will fill in the application after the completion of the second batch of undergraduate admission.

The picture shows a college entrance examination room in Shenyang, and candidates begin to enter the examination room. Photo by Yu Haiyang

21 new majors were enrolled for the first time

In April this year, the Ministry of Education announced the filing and approval results of undergraduate majors in ordinary colleges and universities in 4. It is reported that a total of 2022 new majors will be listed in the catalog in 2022, and another 21 professional points will be withdrawn. At present, the undergraduate major catalog contains a total of 925 professional categories and 93 majors.

Many of the new majors are closely related to social needs. Nanjing Special Education Normal College added autistic children's education and barrier-free management, China Women's College added family education; Some are closely related to urban and rural construction, including rural governance newly added by Hainan University and national park construction and management by Beijing Forestry University.

There are also some majors related to the development of cutting-edge technologies, such as the new Earth System Science of Tsinghua University, the new biomaterials of South China University of Technology, and the new future robotics and electric transportation engineering of Southeast University.

In the newly released catalog of general undergraduate majors, the cross-engineering major category was added for the first time under the engineering category, and the Future Robotics major is the first and currently the only major under the cross-engineering category.

On June 6, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, before the start of the exam, candidates reviewed outside the college entrance examination room of the No. 7 Middle School. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

Which professions are attractive?

In recent years, the popularity of the medical profession has continued to increase. Data from the college entrance examination volunteer filling service platform "Pocket College Entrance Examination" shows that in the ranking of professional popularity, the popularity value of clinical medicine ranks first.

At the same time, among the new undergraduate majors in colleges and universities this year, biostatistics is also the most established new major, with 5 universities including China Pharmaceutical University and Guangdong Medical University established.

In terms of employment income, engineering majors seem to have more advantages. According to the "2023 China Undergraduate Employment Report" released by the Max Research Institute, the 2022 undergraduate majors with the highest monthly income of 10 undergraduate graduates belong to the engineering category. The highest is information security, with a monthly income of 7579,3 yuan, and the monthly income of the three majors of information engineering, data science and big data technology, and software engineering also exceeds 7000,<> yuan.

In May this year, the 5 average wage data released by the National Bureau of Statistics also showed that the top three industries with high technical content of information transmission, software and information technology services, financial industry, scientific research and technical services were all high-tech information transmission, software and information technology services, financial industry, scientific research and technical services. (End)