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There are a few weeks left to know the name of the winner of Survivors 2023 and, therefore, there are few contestants and little fabric to cut in the reality. The same thing always happens in the final stretches of Survivors, the fewer contestants left, the less content there is. Survivors knows. The palapa is no longer what it was, the nominations either, the problems between the contestants seem to be erased at a stroke and the only thing that acquires more strength than ever are the tests that can bring the final to whoever surpasses them.

Aware of all this and when there are only five contestants left -Bosco, Adara, Artúr, Jonan and Asraf- after the expulsion last night of Alma Bollo, Survivors has wanted to play precisely with that, with the tests. What the contestants of Survivors 2023 have done to be able to get a pass to the leader test has been shocking, what Survivors 2023 has prepared for that pass to the leader test has been brutal and historic. Never before in the history of the program had anything like this been done. Survivors has played a lot, the contestants, especially Artúr, Asraf and Bosco, have played a lot.

On Wednesday afternoon the survivors received on the beach a letter from the pirate Morgan accompanied by a strange structure. If they wanted to pass the leader's test they had to remain touching an urn, standing, with no help other than a tube to anchor the arm, as many hours as their bodies could endure. It is difficult to explain how at the height of the program in which they are, completely weakened, exhausted, having lost a great deal of weight, without strength, they can still throw the rest in a test of absolute cruelty.

The tests of Survivors are always barbaric, but they are tests that last a few minutes of program or challenges, such as being chained to a partner or with your eyes covered for a week, which psychologically can crush, but that do not involve an inhuman physical effort. In fact, the hardest test that Survivors had was the so-called Infernal Ferris Wheel, until last night.

Alma, Bosco, Artúr, Jonan, Adara and Asraf accepted the challenge of Survivors, placed their arms inside the tube and their hands on the urn and played it, they played it a lot. Adara was there for three hours, couldn't stand the urge to pee and didn't want to urinate in front of her teammates. It let go. Alma Bollo endured it 5 hours, his back and the lumbago pain he suffers were stronger than the desire for a pass to the leader's test. Jonan endured it for almost eight hours. When the first rays of sun were rising on Thursday, only Bosco, Asraf and Artúr were still with their hands in the urn.

21 hours on the edge in Survivors

It is no longer just standing for so many hours and the risk it poses to circulation, is not sleeping, standing awake, with the arm stretched out and subject to a kind of pharmacy blood pressure monitor. It is the pain of the extremities, of the back. It's the psychological strength you have to have to not collapse mentally. It is not drinking liquids for hours – until his companions let go and brought them water. It's holding the sun on your head for hours. It is to withstand high temperatures. It's urinating on yourself. And so the three of them were for 21 hours.

When Carlos Sobera connected with them at the beginning of the gala, Asraf, Bosco and Artúr were like three zombies trying to stand upright. The savagery of Survivors reached such a point that they had to be treated during those hours by the medical services of Survivors for the circulation problems they had in their legs. Their feet and ankles swelled, their lower extremities fell asleep, the arm they had in the structure caused them terrible pain. "I will endure until I can bear the pain of my arm," Asraf said to Arthur and Bosco with the first rays of sun. You saw the three of them, under the canvas that Adara, Jonan and Alma had made for them and you saw three undead about to collapse live and direct.

And to all this, which is not little, in addition to the risk to the health of the contestants, it was added that it was gala night. That is, palapa, expulsion and the test of leader: the Infernal Ferris Wheel. Yes, as is. After spending 21 hours standing, anchored to an urn, Asraf, Bosco and Artúr had to endure the more than 4 hours of gala and the tremendous and most terrible test of Survivors. It was something historical, apotheosic and I think even dangerous. If this test had been done at the beginning of the contest or when they had only been a month, the risk would not have been so much because the contestants are still strong and the bodies are not as subjected to the cruelty of a program as Survivors.

However, to do this test when there are only a couple of weeks left for the grand finale of Survivors, with contestants so, so, so weak was to risk a lot. What if the circulation problems had been complicated? Or if someone had had sunstroke? Or if the bodies of Asraf, Bosco and Arthur had not endured and collapsed? It didn't happen, but it could have happened. It was pushing the contestants' minds and bodies to the limit. And if the three of them endured, despite the fact that at some point they slackened and considered leaving it, especially Bosco, who was also nominated, it is because, although they still do not know it, they are aware that getting the leader's necklace this week is almost certain to have the pass to the semifinal of Survivors.

In fact, both Carlos Sobera and Laura Madroño warned him on several occasions: next Thursday at 00.00 they will know what it means to have this leader's necklace, which Asraf finally won after a spectacular infernal Ferris wheel. True, it was not the Infernal Ferris Wheel of Sofia Suescun, but it was an Infernal Ferris Wheel in which Artúr could end very badly. He shot into the air after losing the grip of his legs and while the Ferris wheel was going at an astonishing speed.

Alma Bollo, expelled from Survivors

As they were, their bodies endured a lot last night in Survivors. The faces, except for Artúr who since he was saved by the audience on Tuesday seems to have taken an entire Red Bull factory, were the reflection of exhausted contestants. How would they be that it seemed that it was difficult for them to articulate half a word.

If this is two weeks away from the grand final, I don't want to imagine what Survivors can come up with for not only the grand final but for the remaining two weeks. Miedito give me and more miedito give me the contestants because Asraf, Artúr and Bosco are full. For his head nothing happens but to reach the final and win Survivors 2023. It is what keeps them standing, what made them endure 21 hours of torture and suffering, what made them cling to the Ferris wheel as if it were their life in it. They said it last night, they want to get on the helicopter of Survivors and be the ones who land in Mediaset.

The perfect final would have been Asraf, Bosco, Adara and Artúr, but last night's nominations have made it impossible: Bosco, Adara and Artur are nominated. One of the three will say goodbye next week, it will be like the one before a grand final. Three of the strongest contestants of Survivors 2023 and one of them will be touching with their fingers the glory of Survivors.

Any expulsion at this point from reality is a drama. Look, last night Alma Bollo's. First, that no one expected it, not even her and, second, that the trio formed by Jonan, Adara and Alma ended up breaking. Although, beware, that Survivors has already taken out of the sleeve how to keep a few more days to the daughter of Raquel Bollo. If last night we had a test never seen before, there was also an expulsion never seen before. Nothing to do with those of the other contestants.

Survivors turned to Alma Bollo, as queen, so queen that she is going to stay a few more days to celebrate the party that Survivors has prepared this weekend to celebrate the 100 days program. Well, it is what has to have lengthened the edition for its good audience data, you have to look for where to get from. Just as Raquel Arias stayed despite being expelled and the definitive expulsion was played with Artúr, because Alma Bollo stays so that Survivors does not look like an oasis in the desert.

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