Beijing, June 6 (Zhongxin Net) -- "From the children's walk into the work body to the on-site viewing of the games, I was very moved by the 'Sanjiangyuan, Beijing Love, Chinese Heart - Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour', and we will continue to do public welfare in the future."

The picture shows Jin Fei, deputy general manager of Sinobo Industrial Sports Company, speaking. Photo by Li Taiyuan

At the "Gathering Love, Delivering Warmth - Seminar on Youth Public Welfare Activities in Ethnic Areas" held on the 8th, Jin Fei, deputy general manager of Sinobo Industrial Sports Company, said.

Sponsored by China News Service, the People's Government of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province and the Beijing Youth Aid Headquarters, organized by China News Network, and co-organized by China News Network, and co-organized by China-Singapore Public Welfare, 40 Tibetan teenagers from Qinghai Yushu Children's Welfare Institute were organized to visit and exchange experientially from the "Source of Three Rivers" at an altitude of 4500,<> meters to Beijing.

As part of this public welfare activity, with the strong support of Sinobo Group, Beijing Guoan Football Club and Sinobo Industrial Body, these children not only watched the Chinese Super League matches live, but also had the opportunity to enter the "new industrial body" and experience the professional football stadium up close.

The plateau teenagers' simple and pure love for football also deeply moved Jin Fei. "During this process, I was deeply touched by the reactions of my colleagues around me and the audience." At the same time, this public welfare activity also brought him two special insights.

First, the workers' stadium has been given more and deeper meaning.

"The Workers' Stadium has a glorious history and has hosted many top international and domestic events." Jin Fei said that as a landmark building in Beijing, the Workers' Stadium has experienced all stages of the growth process of sports in New China. Through this activity, the connotation carried by the workers is richer, and the responsibility on their shoulders is also greater.

Jin Fei revealed that the "new work" turf is already expensive, and it coincides with the high temperature in Beijing in June, so except for the professionals in charge of maintenance, others are prohibited from stepping on the lawn. But for the sake of the soccer teenagers who came all the way from Yushu, the relevant departments finally gave the children the opportunity to feel the joy of galloping in the professional stadium.

Second, all staff members have a sincere heart.

"I've been doing big events for more than 10 years and pay a lot of attention to detail." Jin Fei believes that many details can see the importance that the staff attaches to the children. For example, there are not only volunteers at the work and sports viewing site, but also team leaders and medical staff, etc., everyone performs their own duties, and even the children go to the bathroom with special people.

"Everyone really cares. Intentions are not in slogans, this power is very powerful. As long as you put your heart into it, you will definitely be rewarded. Jin Fei said.

As an operator, Jin Fei said that many of the software and hardware of the "new work" are still being debugged, and there is more service space, and we will work closely with all parties in the future to continue to do public welfare. (End)