China-Singapore Online Rao, June 6 Question: Jiangxi "legless girl" successfully completed the college entrance examination: I hope to be admitted to my favorite university and major

Reporter Liu Zhankun

At 6 o'clock on June 8, as the bell rang, Jiang Zhangziyi, who successfully completed the two-day college entrance examination, walked with a skateboard as usual, walked forward with both hands, and "walked" out of the classroom of the examination room.

Jiang Zhangziyi, 18, is a senior at Shangrao Middle School in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. 12 years ago, at the age of 6, she lost her legs in an accidental car accident, but this did not wear away her belief in life, love of learning, and hope for the future.

Get through tough times: fall in love with dance and regain your confidence

The picture shows Jiang Zhangyi's father carrying her out, and her mother following behind with her daughter's skateboard. Photo by Liu Zhankun

At that time, Jiang Zhangziyi, who was still young, did not understand the meaning of amputation. Although she couldn't walk herself, she insisted on going to school. She only felt that the smell of the hospital was not good, and staying at home every day was not a solution.

"I don't know how much effort my parents put in, but I was happy to be able to go back to school." Jiang Zhangziyi said that at that time, he was still young, and when he first returned to school, he faced the strange eyes of his classmates and retreated many times in his heart.

In that difficult time, Jiang Zhangziyi's family stayed by her side and told her: "You are no different from ordinary people, just as beautiful and cute." ”

Later, Jiang Zhangziyi fell in love with dance. In particular, winning the first place in a TV dance competition greatly enhanced Jiang Zhangziyi's confidence, and she became confident, optimistic and smiling again.

Three years of high school: Parents pick up skateboarding

The picture shows her mother Zhang Shuixiang communicating with Jiang Zhangziyi who walked out of the examination room outside the examination room. Photo by Liu Zhankun

In order to be able to go to school normally, Jiang Zhangziyi's parents ride an electric car to take her to school every day. Usually at school, when her mobility is inconvenient, in addition to the help of teachers and classmates, she can basically rely on skateboards to walk with her hands.

In addition to her family dropping her off at school every day, she has a wide range of interests, including dancing, hosting and writing, and hopes to become a versatile person.

Looking back, Jiang Zhangyi still feels that his parents and himself at that time are very admirable. "Because at that time, I never gave up, I was always confident, and I would give up everything to pursue for the sake of aspirations and ideals."

Vision for the future: Get admitted to your favorite university and major

Jiang Zhangziyi took her mother's electric car to pick her up every day as usual. Photo by Liu Zhankun

Although the family is not very wealthy, Jiang Zhangziyi's parents have been politely turning down donations from many caring people from all walks of life. They want their children to be self-reliant and not to get into the habit of easily accepting gifts from others.

Zhang Shuixiang, Jiang Zhangziyi's mother, said that she is very grateful for everyone's concern, attention and support for them, "The end of today's college entrance examination is also another new starting point for Ziyi's life, I hope my daughter can continue to grow up happily in the future, I hope that her future road is smooth and smooth, and she can do what she wants to do."

"I would like to thank my parents, teachers, classmates and all walks of life for their care and help to me." Jiang Zhangziyi told the China News Network reporter that she hopes to be admitted to her favorite university, choose her favorite major, and be able to engage in her favorite work in the future and contribute a little to the society.

Saying that, Jiang Zhangziyi once again got into the electric car that her mother picked her up every day. In the sky after the rain, a sunset reflected on the figure of the mother and daughter returning home. (End)