The question, of course, is interesting ... Any movement around Ukraine is a signal, a gesture that clearly speaks of something. Especially when it comes to launching Japan, which is so far from Ukraine, but close to Russia, into the military-technical cycle.

Let's start with the fact that Japan does not supply tanks, but all-terrain vehicles, loaders and trucks. The technique is non-combat. Well, first of all, Europe also started with bulletproof vests, and now they are hitting us with Anglo-French missiles. Secondly, the all-terrain vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are oh how needed. Their ambitions are offensive - they desperately need speed, maneuverability and maneuver. Thirdly, if we talk about Japanese military equipment ...

Tanks of the Land of the Rising Sun are not popular in the arms market. They don't buy them. Expensive, there are many options (a pneumatic lift to shoot from behind the mountain, unnecessary in the field), and they are defensive, according to the concept of the country, and Ukraine needs to attack.

But still, why was Japan taken and allowed to attend such a fat and profitable "Ukrainian arms fair"?

Has Europe decided to move in this always close and competitive market? Is it because Europe is tired, Europe realized that its neighbor, Ukraine, would not come to NATO, you can't trade spare parts from Western technology in Ukraine, and decided to gradually launch everything and everyone into Nezalezhnaya, and quietly "move off topic"?

Another thing is why does Japan need all this? There are no fools in the Tokyo establishment. Really, anticipating the end of pro-Western Ukraine, the Japanese:

a) decided to quarrel with Russia;

b) chose the path of force in the dispute over the Far Eastern Islands;

c) the Ukrainian nationalist corps was chosen as a proxy army for the war with Russia, expecting it to flee Ukraine after the denazification and demilitarization of the Kyiv regime?

Do I tell fairy tales? Well then, let's do this. Does everyone know about the NATO 2030 strategy? This is the concept of further NATO enlargement, and Japan in it, pardon the pun, is the most desirable member.

The Japanese should be admitted to the North Atlantic Alliance by 2030.

This is no longer a fairy tale - it is a clear perspective. Very unpleasant for us. So the Yankees smear the samurai in Ukraine with our blood. So that they don't jump off later.

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