A former Takara Jenne woman who works for a construction company in Hashimoto City, Wakayama Prefecture, talked about the importance of obtaining qualifications that give students at a local technical high school an advantage in finding employment.

This visiting class was held at Kihoku Technical High School in Hashimoto City, and was attended by 1 first-year students in the Department of Systems Chemistry.

The lecturer was Ms. Keiko Konishi, a former Takara Jenne who works for a construction company in Hashimoto City.

Mr. Konishi experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake when he was with the Takarazuka Revue Company, and when he saw the on-site workers working hard for reconstruction, he switched to the construction industry, and at that time, he keenly realized the importance of having qualifications.

Mr. Konishi taught himself to acquire qualifications such as "first-class building construction management engineer" and found it difficult, but he said, "By obtaining a qualification, you can increase your income and become a necessary human resource for the company."

A female student said, "I don't really like studying, but I thought it would be good if I could get a lot of qualifications and use them in my life."

Mr. Konishi said, "I hope that even a single word will remain in your heart, and if you do your best, you can become anything, so I want you to do your best so that you will not have any regrets in your life."