Beijing, June 6 -- The first time I left my hometown on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, I came to Tiananmen Square in Beijing for the first time, and I appeared in China's top football tournament for the first time...

During this year's Children's Day, 40 Tibetan children who grew up in welfare homes completed their first trip to Beijing, amid the attention of domestic and foreign media. From Yushu to Beijing, spanning an altitude difference of 4500,2500 meters and crossing 40,<> kilometers, this is the dream journey of <> Tibetan children, and it is also a dream linkage between all walks of life gathering love and transmitting warmth.

On June 6, at the "Gathering Love, Delivering Warmth - Seminar on Public Welfare Activities for Youth in Ethnic Minority Areas", many people shared the short stories behind the "Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Tour to Beijing", and the participating experts discussed how to use the power of mainstream media to gather the power of social virtue and goodness to help children in ethnic areas.

The picture shows the scene of the seminar on youth public welfare activities in ethnic areas. Photo by Cao Miaoxin

Three "seeds" quietly taking root

On May 40, 5 children from the Yushu Prefecture Children's Welfare Institute in Qinghai Province set off to participate in the "Three Rivers Source • Beijing Love • Chinese Heart - Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour" sponsored by China News Service, the People's Government of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province and the Beijing Youth Aid Headquarters, organized by China News Network and co-organized by China Singapore Public Welfare.

During the 5-day trip, the children checked in the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Bird's Nest, Water Cube, visited the Chinese National Community Experience Hall, the Central University for Nationalities, the Central Nationalities Song and Dance Troupe, played a friendly football match with the Beijing Guoan Junior Team, and stood in the Chinese Super League as a caddy.

"The trip to Beijing for 40 Tibetan children is actually three special journeys, a study trip to the motherland, a trip to fulfilling the dream of football, and a trip to national unity." The relevant person in charge of the organizer introduced that letting the seeds of patriotism, self-confidence and self-improvement and national unity take root and germinate in the hearts of children, this is the original intention of this public welfare activity and the result that the organizers hope to see.

The picture shows the scene of the seminar on youth public welfare activities in ethnic areas. Photo by Jiang Qiming, reporter of China News Agency

In just a few days of realizing Beijing's dream, the "seed" quietly took root in the hearts of children. For example, at the Beijing Workers Stadium, after playing football in a professional stadium for the first time, Ah Bin, known as "Yushu Cristiano Ronaldo", strengthened his confidence to become a professional player; At the National Centre for the Performing Arts, after watching a large-scale theatrical performance for the first time, 7-year-old Jiu Roma had the dream of "growing up to be a dancer"; After entering the university campus for the first time, Tenzin Dolma, a fourth-year student, set a small goal: to score 95 in mathematics next semester and become a university mathematics teacher in the future.

"National unity" is the most distinctive symbol of these Tibetan children's trip to Beijing. Children trace historical footprints at the site of Mongolian and Tibetan schools, learn various ethnic dances in the Central Nationalities Song and Dance Troupe, listen to lectures by professors of the Central University for Nationalities, and celebrate with Beijing children on June 1st...

The relevant person in charge of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission said that the State Ethnic Affairs Commission has been encouraging and promoting all-field, multi-level and all-round exchanges among young people of all ethnic groups across the country. Yushu teenager's visit to Beijing has embedded the seed of "Love Me China" in the hearts of every teenager, and is a tangible, felt and effective practical activity of the Chinese national community consciousness.

The picture shows children dancing with the national artists participating in the performance. Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

A few heartwarming details

Retrace this journey to the realization of dreams, leaving many vivid details. On the evening of June 6, six Tibetan children entered the Chinese Super League as caddies. That night, Ge Qi, vice president of Sinobo Group, sat in the stands with the children. He said that listening to these Tibetan children shining "national security and national security" in their hearts, he could feel their enthusiasm for football and their dedication to their dreams.

When 40 Tibetan children came to Beijing for the first time, they not only felt the warmth, but also passed on the warmth to more people. When he saw the professional stadium for the first time in the new workhouse, "Yushu Ronaldo" A Bin sighed, "The ground of the original professional stadium is so soft, no wonder when Ronaldo kneels to celebrate, he doesn't feel pain at all." ”

Hearing these words, Zhang Sihua, the administrative director of Beijing Guoan Football Club, felt a burst of warmth in his heart. He shared at the seminar that when the Tibetan children were in the game, their faces were naturally filled with happiness and joy, and the simple and sincere love for football infected all the young players and coaches involved on the scene, "This is a precious experience for us."

Zhang Sihua said: "In the Chinese Super League game, seeing some teenagers in the stands crying with excitement made us feel that everything we did was worth it. ”

The picture shows children walking into the Beijing Workers Stadium. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

During this trip, several young people from Beijing also participated as volunteers. "We were involved from morning to night, and we suggested that the children go back and rest, and they said, 'No, I'm here to volunteer.'" A representative of a company that participated in the charity event said that for the Beijing children who also participated in the event, the trip may be more rewarding.

"Children represent the future, children's hearts are together, and the sense of community of the Chinese nation will become more and more solid." A teacher at Minzu University of China, who has interacted with Tibetan children, said.

During this trip to Beijing, Tibetan children were also invited to perform the song "The Country" with Liu Yuanyuan, a soprano singer of the Central Nationalities Song and Dance Troupe and a national first-class actor. The sincerity, simplicity, kindness and sunshine exuding from the children deeply touched Liu Yuanyuan. "A little girl told me that her desire when she grew up was to be a singer, and she touched me deeply."

A never-ending relay

For the 40 Tibetan children, the theme of the trip to Beijing was the realization of dreams, and for the people who organized and accompanied the journey, "love and responsibility" were the things they valued more.

The participants of the seminar believed that publicity is a distinctive attribute of the news media, and the "Beijing Tour of Tibetan Youth in Yushu, Qinghai" is an effective exploration by the mainstream media to forge a strong sense of the Chinese national community and tell the story of China's development, especially the story of Chinese rights, and at the same time an innovative practice to fulfill social responsibilities and strengthen mainstream ideological public opinion.

"This public welfare activity shows the concern of all walks of life for the development of Yushu from big things to small things, from the overall situation to the details, and the kindness and charity to the children of Yushu. Yushu's nirvana rebirth is the result of everyone's help, and the children's smiles are the hope forged by everyone's kindness. The relevant person in charge of Yushu Prefecture said.

Video: Children back in YushuSource: China News Network

Today, 40 Tibetan children have returned to their hometowns, starting anew with new dreams brought to them by Beijing.

The relevant person in charge of the organizer said that he hoped that the children would take this activity as an opportunity to study harder in the future, and strive to become a good teenager in the new era with ambition, ideals, love learning, love labor, understand gratitude, know friendliness, dare to innovate and dare to struggle, and contribute their own strength to the construction of a healthy, modern and happy new Yushu.

"This is a successful practice of China's 'great public welfare'." Yang Tuan, a researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the "Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour" has a variety of participants, including the government, enterprises, media and universities, which is a multi-scene and multi-angle great unity, great cooperation, and great public welfare, and is a new exploration of the public welfare model. Such an event is the first large-scale public welfare activity planned, organized, acted and disseminated by China News Service in an all-round way, and this activity is very successful, it shows the ambition of the national team to join the public welfare action.

"This event is an all-round public good. It is a project public welfare, a communication public welfare, and it is also a joint organization, joint participation, and even joint planning, and it is likely to create a new public welfare model of China's own. Yang Tuan said.

The picture shows the scene of the seminar on youth public welfare activities in ethnic areas. Photo by Cao Miaoxin

He Qunpo, professor of the School of Advertising of Communication University of China and director of the National Public Welfare Advertising Innovation Research Base, said that this event is a new model of public welfare, which is a vivid embodiment of giving full play to the power of public welfare with Chinese characteristics and the advantages of the system with Chinese characteristics to do public welfare. This rich and effective activity is a vivid practice of the sense of community of the Chinese nation, and also a vivid portrayal of "all ethnic groups hugging together like pomegranate seeds". It is hoped that this event can continue to be carried forward as a feature and brand of Sino-Singapore Public Welfare in the future.

The 40 Tibetan children who participated in the Beijing trip were also the first participants of the China-Singapore Public Welfare "Dream Realization Project". On June 6, the "Dream Realization Project", which focuses on public welfare activities for young people in ethnic areas, officially released two special lines - "Dream Line" and "Dream Realization Line".

In the future, more small dreams will be cared for, cared for and released, and this never-ending relay of love has just begun. (End)