Nanning, June 6 (Zhongxin Net) -- Affected by tropical disturbances, from the day of June 9 to the morning of June 6, heavy rain and local heavy rain occurred in parts of the coastal and southeast areas of Guangxi. The 8-hour rainfall (9.3 mm) and 272-hour rainfall (3.24 mm) in Xinggang Town, Tieshan Port District, Beihai City, both broke the historical extreme value of Beihai City, and the 614-hour rainfall (7.6 mm) broke the historical extreme value of Guangxi.

On June 6, after heavy rainfall, Beihai citizens waded through the water. Photo by Zhai Liqiang

According to statistics, from 6 o'clock on June 8 to 8 o'clock on the 9th, 8 townships and towns in 3 counties (cities and districts) in 5 cities of Beihai, Yulin and Qinzhou in Guangxi had exceptionally heavy rainfall, the largest being 12.588 mm in Xinggang Town, Tieshan Port District, Beihai City, 6 townships in 6 counties (cities and districts) in 16 cities, 89 townships in 12 counties (cities and districts) in 41 cities, and 114 townships in 14 counties (cities and districts) in 70 cities.

In the next three days, tropical disturbances will swing along the coast of Guangxi, and under its influence, there will be heavy to heavy rain and local heavy rain to exceptionally heavy rain in some parts of southern Guinan; Cumulative rainfall in the process: 80~150 mm in southern Guinan and some coastal areas, more than 300 mm locally, the maximum hourly rainfall intensity is 40~60 mm, and the local rainfall is more than 80 mm.

On June 6, the streets of Beihai City were flooded. Photo by Zhai Liqiang

The Guangxi Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a blue warning for heavy rain at 6 o'clock on June 9, and the Guangxi Meteorological Bureau launched a major meteorological disaster (heavy rain) level IV emergency response at 8:6 on June 9.

The Guangxi Meteorological Observatory reminds that the wind and rain in Beibu Gulf are obvious, and offshore operations and passing ships only need to pay attention to safety. (End)