That warm college entrance examination moment will forever freeze

On June 6, the college entrance examination ended. Nanjing candidates rushed out of the examination room excitedly, hugged their families and friends, and passed on the joy after the exam. This big test of life, not only candidates, but also too many people are going all out! Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporters take you directly to the warm moments inside and outside the examination room...

Shot 1 Emergency Care! Candidates who have sudden illness will be guarded by the ambulance examination room

At 6:9 a.m. on June 7, the examination center of Yangtze Middle School affiliated to Nanjing Normal University received the news of the sudden illness of Yu, a candidate of Dachang Senior High School, and it was learned that the student woke up from sudden abdominal pain in the early morning of the same day, and the parents immediately sent the child to the emergency department of Nanjing Zhongda Hospital Jiangbei Campus, and the examination confirmed that the child had small intestinal obstruction.

Upon receiving this news, the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Recruitment Center and the leading group of the test center held an emergency meeting to immediately make decisions, use the alternate examination room, communicate with the candidate's parents to understand the specific condition and mental state of the candidate, and arrange the alternate examination room according to the candidate's physical condition and needs.

Under the unified escort of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Health Department 120 ambulance and public security iron ride, candidates arrived at the test center at 10:20 on time to take the test. During the test, 120 ambulances waited outside the cordon until the end of the test and then returned to the hospital.

Shot 2 Flower Giving Moms This flower basket is for geography teachers

Outside the examination room, a group of mothers from Jinling Middle School Hexi Branch dressed in cheongsam and holding flowers were ready to surprise the children in the examination room. A mother wearing a yellow cheongsam told reporters: "I wore three different colors of cheongsam for three days, and the first day was red, which means a red opening; The next day is green, which means a green light all the way; The third day is yellow, which means to go to glory. ”

Outside the examination room, there is a mother with a basket of flowers who is a little different from other mothers holding flowers. She is a parent of the third (6th) class of Nanjing Jianye High School, and she told reporters that she wanted to give this flower basket to her child's geography teacher. "Because our child is the only student in the school who chooses to materialize the land, his geography class has to run to another class. Although the child is a little naughty, the geography teacher takes special care of the child and cares about him. ”

"In the past three days, our parents have worked very hard, and we have also experienced that our children are particularly hard, as a parent, I can deeply appreciate the difficulties of teachers, they pay no less than us in order to cultivate our children and accompany our children, so we want to express our deep gratitude to the teachers."

Shot 3 Unexpected surprise! 15 years of small school quietly took a 2-hour car to pick up the exam

At the entrance of the examination center of Nanjing No. 2 Middle School, the reporter noticed a searching figure in the crowd, she was Xu Wuyang, a high school sophomore from Nanjing Yanziji Middle School, who quietly came to her own small school to take the exam that day and sent a surprise. "I was 3 and a half when we first met, she was 17, now I'm 18, she's 2, and we're still best friends. For her college entrance examination, I haven't seen her much this year, and I specially took a 2-hour car from Qixia District that day, just to celebrate this special day with her as soon as possible. After she finished speaking, she also showed the reporter the flowers and greeting cards that she had worked hard to take care of for for <> hours, and did not forget to add after the show: "She must be very happy to see me!" ”

After waiting for a while, Xu Wuyang finally received the person she wanted to pick up - Cai Chenxuan from Nanjing No. 9 Middle School. Cai Chenxuan told reporters that the arrival of Fa Xiao surprised and surprised her, "I was really happy to see her after the exam, I feel that these hard work is nothing, I want to rest more after the exam, and ask my friends to go out and relax together." ”

Shot 4 The last class meeting The class teacher read the letter to the students, and the teachers and students burst into tears on the spot

At 6:9 p.m. on June 12, in the classroom of the third (40th) class of Jinling Middle School Hexi Branch, the class teacher Wang Jian gave the last class meeting class for the students who had finished the college entrance examination.

"Although I have been reading it for so many years, I find that I still have a lot to say to you when I part, just like this year's college entrance examination essay questions, the story of your life has just begun..." Teacher Wang Jian wrote a letter to the students between the exams and read it to the children in the class meeting:

"In my opinion, today is a day of departure. From today, you will move from here to a broader stage of life. I hope that every student can protect their truest dreams. The gold list title not only means entering a good university, but also means the perseverance to challenge, the joy of making dreams come true, and the joy of self-realization.


Students, please remember that no matter how far you go, there must be the affectionate gaze of your alma mater, and in a few years, we look forward to gently telling your touching stories to our students and singing them affectionately! Are you ready? ”

When Teacher Wang choked up and read the letter, the students in the audience were already in tears. They all stood up and hugged the teacher goodbye...

Wang Jian said that this class actually took three years to prepare, and the questions from three years ago were answered with the current situation; The question now is answered by myself ten years later. "I also want to say goodbye to my classmates in this way. Life is a long road, far more than the college entrance examination. I hope that my students can gain happiness and joy on the road of life and experience the true meaning of life. ”

Trainee reporter Xu Binwen Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Wang Ying Li Chen Wang Xuerui Photography Luo Hao Liu Li