Beijing, 6 June (Zhongxin Net) -- "Although you laugh, we are responsible for guarding it."

Written by Liu Yue

"What did the children of Yushu leave you?" ——When hearing this question, video director Yuan Chu was stunned for three seconds.

Instead of answering, she clicked on a video on her computer and motioned for reporters to watch it. Under the cheerful music, children grinned at their little white teeth and smiled brightly at the camera.

The picture shows a screenshot of the video of Yushu children's "smiling". Photo by China News Network reporter Wang Yanghao

On June 6, the "smiling" video was shown at a special seminar. Looking at the pure smiles of the children, the guests attending the event couldn't help but smile.

Yes, in the "Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour" activity, the children left Beijing the most is laughter.

The story begins with a child's smile

On June 6th, "Gathering Love, Transmitting Warmth - Seminar on Public Welfare Activities for Youth in Ethnic Minority Areas" was held in Beijing, the seminar aimed to share the experience of the public welfare activities of "Sanjiangyuan, Beijing Love, Chinese Heart - Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour", and put forward opinions and suggestions on how to better promote the public welfare of young people in ethnic minority areas.

The picture shows the scene of the seminar on youth public welfare activities in ethnic areas. Photo by Cao Miaoxin

"I want to be a very good football player when I grow up", "I want to study hard and be admitted to the Central University for Nationalities", "Thank you uncles and aunts for taking us to the capital"... The children who returned to their hometown of Yushu sent their dreams and gratitude through video. Seeing the smiling faces of the children, the guests present were moved.

At the seminar, Yu Lan, deputy editor-in-chief of China News Service and president of China News Network, used a photo as an example to tell the children's journey to realize their dreams: "On May 5, the children arrived at Beijing Daxing Airport. That day was not only the first time these children were in Beijing, but also the first time they walked out of Yushu and flew on a plane. ”

"On the bus from the airport to the hotel, many children were lying on their stomachs all the way looking out the window. This photo on the big screen has been reprinted by a large number of domestic and foreign media, and this look is impressive. Yu Lan said.

Her narration takes the audience back to the night they first met.

"Tashi Dele, we're in Beijing!" "Such a tall building", "I am most looking forward to seeing the Forbidden City", "How long is the Great Wall"... The children who came to Beijing Daxing International Airport for the first time were as excited as chirping little sparrows, and obediently lined up in two lines to board the bus.

The youngest child, Jiu Ranma, looked out the window, and the lights of ten thousand homes lit up the ignorance and curiosity in the eyes of the 7-year-old girl. At that moment, she flashed a shallow smile at the new "world".

Gyushima looked out the window. Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

This precious moment was captured by Cui Nan, a reporter from the photography department of the China News Agency.

During this trip, Cui Nan recorded the smiling faces of many children: "When the children face the camera, they will show the most innocent smile very naturally, and this innocent smile will make me press the shutter as much as possible." ”

The young players celebrated together after the goal. Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Cui Nan's idea may be the consensus of all the recorders at this event. "I really like their laughter." As the choreographer who accompanied the children throughout the process, Yuan Cruning said: "Their happiness is simple, and their smiles are also very moving. You don't have to speak, watch them laugh and they laugh and feel as if there are no worries. ”

Those "first in life" smiles, recorded smiles

The public welfare activity "Sanjiangyuan, Beijing Love, Chinese Heart - Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour" was sponsored by China News Service, the People's Government of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province and the Beijing Youth Aid Headquarters, organized by China News Network and co-organized by China-Singapore Public Welfare. During the five-day trip, the children visited the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and watched the flag-raising ceremony of Tiananmen Square; Step into the National Stadium "Bird's Nest" and the National Aquatics Center "Water Cube"; In the "New Gongti" to play a friendly match with Beijing youth, and appeared as a caddy in the Chinese Super League...

Looking through the various pictures and videos in the itinerary, you will find that the children love to laugh, and the recorders always love to capture their laughter.

The first time he came to visit the Forbidden City, Sonam Raji showed a shy smile. She told reporters that the "red" of the Forbidden City is beautiful. After coming to Beijing, she had a careful wish: in the future, she became a dancer, learned to drive, and brought the "parents" of the orphanage to her home.

Teacher Tsei Daiji straightens the girl's hair. Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

The first time I went to Tiananmen Square to see the flag-raising, the 16-year-old girl who officially entered the age made a birthday wish to the five-star red flag at the most solemn moment: I hope everyone is healthy, safe, happy and happy. The moment she opened her eyes, the girl smiled like a flower.

Trouble in Tiananmen Square. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

The first time he visited the "new work", Zhaba Jiang and Zhao Yun saw each other as before, one of them was 13 years old and the other was 11 years old, and their birthdays happened to be June 6, and they both regarded Mbappe as an idol, holding the "good brothers" who hated each other, and Zha Bajiang smiled freely and heartily.

Zhao Yun and Zhaba Jiangcai. Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

Even in the face of parting, the children smiled. On June 6, the children embarked on their journey back home. At the farewell party before leaving, they presented white hada to their uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters with sincere and bright smiles.

Cili Tsering presented hada to reporters. Photo by Liu Yue

"As photographers, the children are very happy in most of the images I capture with my lens." On that much-anticipated Chinese Super League night, reporter Wang Yanghao recorded the children's expectant and happy smiles in the sunset: "Among the 40 children, there are many children who like to play football. When they actually stand outside the body and are about to take pictures with their favorite players, the heartfelt happiness is very valuable. ”

"People can find healing and hope in the smiles of children. And how to spread such a smile, let the world see such a group of children with dreams, understand them, care for them, help them is the responsibility and mission of a journalist. ”

Children laughing and playing outside the work. Photo by China News Network reporter Wang Yanghao

Together, we guard the smiling faces of the children

The children left smiling faces. And how to protect such a smiling face has become a test for adults. Just as the original intention of "Gathering Love, Delivering Warmth - Youth Public Welfare Activities in Ethnic Areas": how to let the children in Yushu grow up well, and how to make all children in ethnic areas grow up better.

"A little girl told me that her desire when she grew up was to be a singer, and she touched me deeply." At the seminar, Liu Yuanyuan, a soprano singer of the Central National Song and Dance Troupe and a national first-class actor, appealed to everyone through a video speech: "In the future, we will join hands together and let children feel more warmth and love." ”

Previously, the children had visited and studied with the Central Folk Song and Dance Troupe, and were invited to the stage to perform the song "The Country" with Liu Yuanyuan, a soprano singer of the Central Nationalities Song and Dance Troupe.

"After these 40 children came to the Central National Song and Dance Troupe, they are the cutest actors and the people who deserve our applause." The relevant person in charge of the Central National Song and Dance Troupe expressed the hope that the Central National Song and Dance Troupe can participate more in such activities in the future: "Let the children plant the seeds of national unity, and the flower of national unity will bloom in the future." ”

The picture shows the scene of the seminar on youth public welfare activities in ethnic areas. Photo by Jiang Qiming, reporter of China News Agency

After returning to Yushu, many children made a wish to "be a player". The little wish may come from the friendly match with the Beijing Guoan Junior Team, who run like the wind on soft turf and talk and laugh with new friends; Equally unforgettable, there was the night of the Chinese Super League that came true, with their themed videos playing on the large screen of the stadium, and their names displayed in Chinese characters and Tibetan on a circular LED screen...

Ge Qi, vice president of Sinobo Group, commented that this is a heartfelt, affectionate, meaningful and powerful activity. He proposed that in the future, the group should select school-age children in areas with underdeveloped conditions and urgent need to improve, and rely on the company's unique and high-quality resources in the field of sports and culture to help them. "Facing the future, we especially look forward to working with important partners such as China News Service and China News Network."

Zhang Sihua, executive director of Beijing Guoan Football Club, said that planting seeds in the hearts of children and helping them realize their ideals is the future that Beijing Guoan is looking forward to: "They are willing to come to Beijing Guoan, we are very welcome, including every summer in the future, we are also willing to carry out (their) football training experience activities in Guoan, give them such a fair opportunity to improve themselves, contribute our modest efforts to Beijing Guoan, Beijing and the development of China's sports and football industry, and can also realize the dreams of these children." ”

The picture shows the scene of the seminar on youth public welfare activities in ethnic areas. Photo by Cao Miaoxin

There is no doubt that the dream journey of these 40 Tibetan children is a link between all walks of life gathering love and transmitting warmth to help dreams.

According to Yang Tuan, a researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the success of the "Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Tour to Beijing" is also the success of China's "great public welfare". "According to Western parlance, public welfare is public welfare, not government public welfare. But China's public welfare is different, and there are some things that are different. "

Yang Tuan believes that China's "great public welfare" must be a "great public welfare" jointly cooperated by society, non-governmental organizations and the government, whether it is poverty alleviation or rural revitalization, in fact, everyone is jointly promoted. All the participants in the "Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour" have a sense of home and country, and they all actively contribute their greatest energy. Therefore, this event is also a success of China's "great public welfare".

The world kissed me, but I sang in return. After encountering various life changes, this group of children is still undefensive to the world, has expectations for people, has a childlike heart, and embellishes their dreams with smiles. They infect others with optimism and inspiration, and receive caring and warm feedback from others. The interlocking nature of love is the meaning of love.

"Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour" is the first activity of the Sino-Singapore Public Welfare "Dream Realization Project". In the future, this plan will mainly focus on children in ethnic areas, help children build dreams, pursue dreams, and realize their dreams, so that love can relay and pass on warmth. As Guo Huchun, vice governor of Yushu Prefecture, said at the seminar: "No matter how high the snow mountains are, they cannot be separated from the earth. No matter how beautiful the land is, it needs abundant vegetation. The rebirth of Yushu's nirvana is the result of everyone's help, and the smiles on the children's faces are the hope forged by the kindness of all parties. (End)