【Commentary】Recently, Changchun Zoological and Botanical Park will stage such a wonderful scene every night. There are not only "Monkey King" in a red robe, the popular "Zhu Bajie", but also various "fairy monsters" appeared and took photos with the audience. Every night, this performance team that restores the story of the TV series version of "Journey to the West" receives at least more than 1,000 fans.

On the evening of June 6, as soon as "Monkey King" and "Zhu Bajie" appeared, they attracted loud applause from the audience. "Monkey King" performed a golden hoop stick, and "Zhu Bajie" played a song "Daughter Love" using musical instruments.

[Contemporaneous] "Monkey King" played by Bi Kechun

I have watched the original drama of "Journey to the West" countless times, including today I chatted with "Bajie" and said that he slept watching the original drama of "Journey to the West" last night. Then the golden hoop rod is also practiced with many golden hoop rods, and there may be some actions that will be very practiced and perfect.

Bi Kechunyuan is a magician who has played "Monkey King" for nearly 10 years. He has cooperated with the actor of "Zhu Bajie" Hong Tian for many years, and the two have a very tacit understanding.

Hung Tian told reporters that they have been studying the plot of "Journey to the West", and will increase the performance content accordingly.

[Contemporaneous] The actor of "Zhu Bajie" Hongtian

Therefore, I am also gradually discussing with the master brother, updating the links of our interpretation on the stage, including the "betrayal daughter-in-law" and "marriage against the sky" and so on.

The reporter saw that the "South Heavenly Gate" was also built in the park, and water mist would be sprayed regularly on both sides of the road leading to the "South Heavenly Gate" to create a "fairy" environment.

On the way, characters from "Journey to the West" such as "Lion Spirit" and "Tiger Spirit" will appear to take photos with the audience.

The head of new media operation of the performance team said that "Journey to the West" is the memory of two generations of China's "post-70s" and "post-80s", and through such performances, everyone can relive the classics, and young people and children can feel the wonderful plot of classical masterpieces.

【During the same period】Lei Zhangdong, head of new media operations of the performance team

Including all the actors you see restore the 86th version of "Journey to the West", then in fact, we want to think that "Journey to the West" as one of the four famous books is also a very important part of our Chinese studies, and we also arouse more young people, as well as big friends and children, through such activities, to (deepen) the love of Chinese studies.

Reporter Lu Shengnan reported from Changchun

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]