Barter is a transaction method that gradually declines or even disappears due to the emergence of money, which is a direct exchange of goods or services of equal value or basic equivalent value between buyers and sellers. In recent years, this ancient trading method is returning to the Internet as a platform, and the professional definition is to engage in non-monetary exchanges such as goods and services, and the "barter" who provides planning, consulting and management for these exchanges is the key figure in this trading method. Recently, barter master Dong Jianni was interviewed by reporters at a barter center in Jinan, Shandong.

【Contemporaneous】Barter master Dong Jianni

My name is Dong Jianni, I am a barter engineer, and barter is one of the 2020 new occupations added by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on March 3, 18. Barter because in the barter industry, he has more contact with more industries, that is, contact is equivalent to hundreds of industries, so barter is also equivalent to saying (is) the country's more needed compound talents, because he has too many industries.

In the exhibition hall of the barter platform, the reporter saw a large number of various products, according to Dong Jianni, these products were replaced by barter.

【Contemporaneous】Barter master Dong Jianni

Our exhibition hall has been open for three years now, the area of this exhibition hall is nearly 3000,<> square meters, the main products must have tens of thousands of products, involving many industries, such as daily necessities, home building materials, wine, including some decorative materials and many other categories. It may be that as long as it is a product in circulation, we can see it here. The main source of these products is (is) all through replacement.

In Dong Jianni's view, many small and medium-sized enterprises have "lack of money and no shortage of goods", a major advantage of barter is that it allows manufacturers and individuals with production capacity or products to skip the link of currency financing, directly match with demand, and complete the transaction in the way of barter.

【Contemporaneous】Barter master Dong Jianni

For example, a wine manufacturer moved the warehouse to the suburbs, and when moving the warehouse, there was a lot of wine inventory, and then relocated, it may be because the inventory (is) a long time of wine, it is very troublesome to move. So he approached us to give him (a look) if he could do this replacement. He also has many private clubs, and his clubhouse needs a lot of mahogany furniture, so he uses his wine to match him with the right mahogany furniture with us, and use it in his clubhouse, so this kind of transaction he is very satisfied with, which is equivalent to selling the stock of his wine and changing it to the mahogany furniture he was going to purchase. This is just one of those cases, which is more classic and more common.

Dong Jianni believes that this method allows customers to avoid storage costs, reduce handling losses, and obtain the products they need. And the object of barter is not only items, but also hotels, KTV idle rooms, gyms, swimming pools redundant locations, factory redundant production lines and other idle resources, how these resources match each other is the biggest difficulty in the work of barterers, which requires barterers to have the "strongest brain", a simple understanding of all walks of life, and match various idle resources to the people who need them.

【Contemporaneous】Barter master Dong Jianni

In fact, I have been a barter technician for 3 years, and I have also helped many, many customers, solving his own problems, such as cash flow shortage, inventory backlog, and poor sales, and the problem of low customer flow in the store, that is, I feel very happy to solve the problem for customers.

Qi Jianyue reported from Jinan, Shandong

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]