Beijing, June 6 (Liu Yue) "We now think back that this is the positive energy that sports, football and public welfare should bring to all of us. ”

On June 6th, "Gathering Love, Transmitting Warmth-Seminar on Public Welfare Activities for Youth in Ethnic Minority Areas" was held in Beijing. Zhang Sihua, executive director of Beijing Guoan Football Club, who helped 8 Tibetan teenagers to compete for the first time in the "New Gongti" arena, spoke at the meeting: "The excitement of these children in Yushu area about sports, football and the venue is so sincere and simple. ”

The picture shows Zhang Sihua, executive director of Beijing Guoan Football Club, speaking. Photo by Li Taiyuan

Recently, China News Service, Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture People's Government and Beijing Qinghai Yushu Headquarters hosted the "Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour" activity successfully held in Beijing, and 40 Tibetan teenagers from the Yushu Prefecture Children's Welfare Institute in Qinghai Province were invited to participate in the activity. After returning to Yushu, many children made a wish to "be a player".

On Children's Day, Yushu Junior and Beijing Guoan Junior Team held a friendly match at the "New Gongti". At the end of the game, children of the same age and the same interests become good friends who talk about everything.

Zhang Sihua said with a smile that the lawn of the football field is precious, and he has worked in the club for more than ten years, and the time spent on the lawn is not as much as the time spent on the lawn by Tibetan football teenagers. And the sense of happiness and joy on the faces of Yushu Tibetan teenagers during the competition was something he had not seen for a long time.

On the evening of June 6, 2 Tibetan teenagers came to the Beijing Workers' Stadium to watch the 40th round of the Chinese Super League match between Beijing Guoan and Changchun Yatai, six of whom appeared as caddies with players. That night, the teenagers from Yushu were watching, the stadium screen playing their theme video, the ring LED screen displaying their names in Chinese characters and Tibetan, all this shocked the children for a long time.

"During the Chinese Super League match on June 6, Yushu Tibetan caddies took our players' hands and entered the inner field, and nearly 2,5 Beijing Guoan fans shouted blessings, this energy field is extremely powerful." The night of the Chinese Super League impressed Zhang Sihua: "Seeing the teenagers in the stands shed tears with excitement, which made us feel that everything was worth it. ”

"It stands to reason that we organized a soccer training session for them, watching a game, and holding hands is not a shocking feat, but this small act of kindness can bring happiness and pleasure to these children, and even have a knock-on effect." Zhang Sihua was touched by the energy that the children drew from football: "Just like the 'Yushu Ronaldo' child said, we must practice football well in the future; another female classmate said, I will study hard in the future, and when I come to Beijing, maybe our influence on them will be at least 20, 30 or even longer." ”

Beijing Guoan Football Club, which has always been enthusiastic about public welfare, planted seeds in the hearts of children and helped them realize their ideals, which is the future that Beijing Guoan looks forward to: "They are willing to come to Beijing Guoan, we are very welcome, including every summer in the future, we are also willing to carry out (their) football training experience activities to Guoan, give them such a fair opportunity to improve themselves, contribute our modest efforts to Beijing Guoan, Beijing, and the development of China's sports and football industry, and can also realize the dreams of these children." (End)