In recent days, there has been a surprising unanimity on social networks: both enemies and friends of Russia publish the same photos of the flooded cities of the Kherson region with indignant comments. But the enemies believe that Russia blew up the dam, and we know that Ukraine did it.

Let me remind you of the words of Vladimir Putin: "The Kiev authorities, at the suggestion of Western curators, are making a dangerous bet on the escalation of hostilities, committing war crimes, openly using terrorist methods, organizing sabotage on Russian territory. A good example of this is the barbaric action to destroy the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, which led to a large-scale environmental and humanitarian catastrophe.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova recalled that over the past month, Ukraine has raised the water level in the Kakhovka reservoir from 14 to 17.5 m for more serious consequences.

We regularly say that the United States and the West are waging a mental war against us, but the main object and main victims of their attack were not us - the majority of Russian citizens, but the residents of the United States and European countries themselves, as well as our liberal emigrants who firmly believe any words if they were brought by the west wind.

Why the guilt of Kiev, even before a thorough investigation, is beyond doubt, Tucker Carlson, whose show on Twitter has already gained about 100 million views, told the Americans.

Let's quote him too: "Let's figure it out. The Kakhovka dam, in fact, was Russian. It was built by the Russian government. At the moment, it was in the territory controlled by Russia. The dam's reservoir provides water to Crimea, where Russia's Black Sea Fleet has been based for the past 240 years. The dam may have hurt Ukraine, but it hurt Russia even more. And it is for this reason that the Ukrainian government planned to destroy it. In December, The Washington Post quoted a Ukrainian general as saying that his soldiers fired American missiles at the dam locks as a test shell. In fact, when you look at the facts, the mystery of what happened to the dam begins to dissipate. Any sane person will conclude that, most likely, it was blown up by the Ukrainians.

The problem is that people whose brains are burned out by propaganda lose the ability to perceive facts. They have chosen a "guru" and, like members of totalitarian sects, believe every word, completely ignoring objective reality. Counting on their sanity is pointless, sorry for the tautology.

This was the case after Bucha, when they "did not reflect, but spread" nonsense about raped parrots and toilet bowls broken out of houses, which the "Russian barbarians" first saw and sent to Siberia as trophies. This was the case after the destruction of Nord Stream: "the Russians blew them up so as not to supply gas to Europe." This was the case after the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge: "they blew themselves up." This was the case after the drone attack on Moscow: "they attacked themselves." And exactly the same thing now: a catastrophic terrorist attack with unpredictable consequences, which gives short-term benefits to Kiev and makes it possible to justify all the failures of the "counteroffensive", is also attributed to Moscow.

But they began to repeat themselves too often. Yes, the majority of Westerners, not to mention our "political emigrants" (and in fact traitors), still believe and spread.

But any lie has a usage limit. The more often they start this hurdy-gurdy - "Russians are very bad, so they do bad to everyone, including themselves," the more and more people begin to doubt. This explains the unprecedented interest in Carlson's show. You can deceive a large number of people for a short time and you can deceive a small one for a long time. It is impossible to deceive the majority for a long time - this is the basic law of propaganda. In fact, this explains the failure of Soviet propaganda in the 1980s: it largely ignored objective reality. And when people discovered in the 1990s that Soviet propaganda did not lie in everything and that 100 varieties of sausage and cheap jeans were not at all synonymous with happiness and wealth, it was too late.

Now Western propaganda, for all its technological advancement and totality, is making exactly the same mistake. It ignores objective reality and does not even bother with the plausibility of its invectives against Russia. Of course, Russophobic propaganda in the West will always have a grateful audience, just like anti-Semitic and any other xenophobic one. But most still need facts.

And the facts look very simple. The barbaric action to destroy the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station is a terrorist act committed by the Kiev regime. Not the first and, most likely, not the last.

And this means that we must win not only for our own security, but also for the security of the inhabitants of Ukraine and Europe as a whole.

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