When the pronghorn in colorao lucero of Alcurrucén raised by the belly to Roca Rey, a cramp tensioned the Toledan fans. The trance became long because the defeats kept their faces high. He hung on the python for an eternity. He frightened the tragedy by angrily taking the crutch and returning to his face to immolate himself again by the stoic way of self-love. It did not occur to the bull to catch it again knowing who was in charge in the ring. Once subdued he threw him upside down with a forceful lunge. He paced his ears amid the clamor after the fright. The bull of Alcurrucén, uncertain of departure, gave away attacks with transmission when the crutch was in the face although for the first start it was too late.

More tertiary was the second coax. Output cold when it started it did so with important acomitivity. Roca Rey took care to turn to the onslaught to imbibe it in settled Veronicas. The excitement of the bull provoked a colossal pair of Antonio Chacón. Before the start of slaughter the bull entertained himself in destroying the burladero in which he was held. Roca Rey summoned feet together for some statuaries to the bull that came like a bullet. He stopped the bull after four and summoned to pass it on his back being run over. On the ground he made the self-remove throwing the crutch to his face. Distressing trance from which he came out only bruised. He put it back to continue by statuary and now he did pass it twice on the back generating the general madness. The Peruvian was faded in a task from more to less because the humiliated rush was extinguished. He came back in a final between the pythons that scared the staff. With steel it did not scratch at the same level.

The square enjoyed an extraordinary atmosphere, about to hang the sign No tickets. It is not easy for this to happen in Toledo. The topped poster and the regional illusion helped. Many came to see Thomas Rufus. The bullfighter of Pepino faced a very noble bull that did not finish humiliating. It lacked transmission in general lines. He tried to put a lot of Rufus on it. Both from the greeting with some very heartfelt veronicas as in the remove by chicuelinas and at the beginning of knees. Discreet work due to the lack of depth in the onslaught. He turned over in the second encounter with the sword. An ear was requested but was not granted.
He won a trophy that closed the run, late at night. A bull that did not finish letting go, changing the rhythms and without continuity in the onslaught. Rufo was all will with a performance of continuous search for the link. He threw himself to kill with all the law.

El Juli found elusive luck despite demonstrating his desire as always. They say in Toledo that it is strange to think of this emblematic date of Corpus Christi without the presence of the Madrid figure. He took pains with the mansito first in a task of tenacity until he convinced the bull to attack. He squeezed it at the end finding a bottom that only he had glimpsed. He failed with the steels. However, the room he had given to the public did not respond as expected by collapsing without real delivery.
I do not know how to open the big door waiting for news of Roca Rey who entered the infirmary on his own foot after a frankly creepy catch.

Thursday, June 8, 2023. Corrida del Corpus Christi. Almost full. Bulls of Alcurrucén. Of correct presentation and of scarce caste as a whole: 1° lacking race, 2° with coal what lasted, 3° noble, 4° come to less, 5° with genius and 6° clinging to the floor.

The Juli, of cobalt and gold. Half sword skin, rear lunge and crossed. Two blows of hair (silence). In the room, puncture, lunge at the top (silence).
Roca Rey, tobacco and gold. Two punctures and lunge detached. Notice (greetings). In the fifth, lunge (two ears).
Tomás Rufo, of tobacco and gold. Puncture, lunge (greetings upon request). In the sixth, great lunge (ear).

  • Andres Roca King
  • Toledo
  • Carme Chacon
  • Bulls

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