From a weak village with dilapidated houses and poor people running out, to a well-off civilized village famous far and wide

Red Village Butterfly Change

Letting the lives of the people in the old areas get better is a deep concern for General Secretary Xi Jinping. On February 2018, 2, General Secretary Xi Jinping replied to all party members in Hengkantou Village, Liangnong Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, encouraging them to inherit the red gene, give full play to the role of the party organization as a fighting fortress and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and work hard with fellow villagers, combine their own realities, give play to their own advantages, and strive to build a rich, civilized and livable beautiful village, so that the lives of villagers will become more and more prosperous.

Hengkantou Village is located in the depths of Siming Mountain, once the command center of the East Zhejiang Anti-Japanese Base Area, distributed with many revolutionary sites such as the CPC East Zhejiang District Committee, the East Zhejiang Administrative Office, and the East Zhejiang Anti-Japanese Military and Political Cadre School, known as the "East Zhejiang Red Village". Entering a new era, the old revolutionary villages have ushered in new development opportunities. On the fifth anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping's reply to all party members in Hengkantou Village, the reporter walked into this "Red Village of East Zhejiang" to visit the beautiful picture of the people in the old revolutionary area promoting rural revitalization and common prosperity.

Twice in 15 years, he replied to the "Red Village", and General Secretary Xi Jinping has always been concerned about the people of the old district

"It's a pleasure to hear from you. I remember visiting your village 15 years ago, and I have always been thinking about the villagers. "In the reply letter to all the party members in Hengkantou Village, the words carry the most sincere heart and the warmest care, showing General Secretary Xi Jinping's feelings of being close to the people, loving the people and serving the people.

On January 2003, 1, Comrade Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, came to Hengkantou Village for inspection and research, and successively visited the old party members, comrades and people in difficulty in the village, and emphasized: "Only when the people in the old areas are prosperous can we talk about the common prosperity of the people of Zhejiang; Only when the people in the old areas achieve moderate prosperity can we talk about Zhejiang truly achieving a comprehensive moderate prosperity; Only when the old areas have reached the modernization goal can we talk about the province basically realizing modernization ahead of schedule." Soon after, after receiving a letter from the village "two committees" reporting on their work plans, he wrote back and pointed out that he hoped that the party members of Hengkantou Village would "carry forward the fine traditions of the old areas, maintain the spiritual outlook of arduous struggle and self-reliance, emancipate their minds, keep pace with the times, speed up the development and construction of the old areas, and get rid of poverty and become well-off as soon as possible."

At the new era civilization practice station in the village, the reporter saw the picture data of Hengkantou Village at that time: it is located in the depths of Siming Mountain, the surrounding vegetation is dense, the road into the village is few and tortuous, and the low and dilapidated houses are sparsely distributed in the village, which corresponds to the local saying "the mountain is big and there are many stones, and you will go uphill when you go out." "At that time, the conditions in the village were very poor, there was not a single cement road, people were so poor that they ran out, the per capita annual income of the villagers was less than 2700,40 yuan, and the village collective was in debt of more than <>,<> yuan." Huang Yingying, a docent from Hengkantou Village, was full of emotion in her words.

After receiving the reply, under the leadership of the party organization, Hengkantou Village based on local reality, analyzed local advantages, took "red party building" as the engine, adhered to "red leadership, green development", vigorously developed red tourism, green industry, characteristic agriculture, etc., and blazed a new path of development.

On February 2018, 2, a party member meeting was held in Hengkantou Village. At the meeting, everyone proposed to write a letter to General Secretary Xi Jinping to introduce the development of the village over the years. In this letter, signed by 10 party member representatives and full of affection from the people of the old district, the changes in Hengkantou Village jumped on paper: strengthen the construction of village party organizations, explore "outpost branches" and "party building positions in small rural courtyards", and actively play the role of party members; Protective repair of the old site group of the anti-Japanese base area in eastern Zhejiang (Simingshan), red tourism receives more than 143,50 tourists every year; Vigorously develop cherry orchards, mulberry orchards, bayberry orchards and other industries, and villagers have increased their income by more than 2000 million yuan; The appearance of the village has been renewed, and it has won many advanced honorary titles such as "Zhejiang Province Comprehensive Well-off Demonstration Village" and "National Civilized Village"...

A dozen days later, a reply letter was sent to Hengkantou Village. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his reply: "In recent years, the village party organization has united and led the villagers to work hard, develop red tourism, use green resources, expand characteristic agriculture, and build the village into a well-off village and civilized village, and the lives of the villagers have been continuously improved, I feel very gratified." ”

Yin Yin's encouragement and warm words made the people of Hengkantou Village feel once again that General Secretary Xi Jinping missed the old revolutionary area with his heart and cared deeply about the people in the old area. "Everyone in the village clearly remembers that day, Hengkantou Village was boiling. Everyone got together and read the reply letter over and over again. Huang Yingying recalled.

The red bloodline has been passed down from generation to generation, which is not only a valuable spiritual wealth, but also provides an important foundation for the development of local industries

At 9 o'clock in the morning, as soon as the reporter arrived in Hengkantou Village, he felt a busy scene different from other villages: many tourist buses came and went, tour guides waved flags in groups, and among the tourist teams wearing hats of different colors, there were silver-haired elderly groups, junior student groups, and group observation groups from other places who came to study.

The red bloodline has been passed down from generation to generation, which is not only a valuable spiritual wealth, but also provides an important foundation for the development of local industries. Over the past 20 years, Hengkantou Village has continued to protectively repair and re-arrange exhibitions, turning red resources into a red scenic spot, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the country every year. Under the guidance and support of the Yuyao Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, Hengkantou Village deeply excavated the integrity factor in red resources, formed a unique red and honest culture, and created the "Four Bright Red Honesty" offline education line and the online "Global Corruption Guide" centered on the Red Honesty Hall, which became a "check-in point" for Party members and cadres and the masses to visit and study.

In a place in the village where the slogan "Feng leads the way" is written to introduce the situation of party building in the village, a team of elderly tourists is taking photos. Mr. Zhong and Ms. Li from Ningbo told reporters that they are retired party members with more than 50 years of party experience, visited Hengkantou Village more than <> years ago, and when they came here again, they felt the earth-shaking changes. ”

Tour guide Ms. Liu is also very busy this day, today led a group of more than 180 people, she told reporters that thanks to the development of the red tourism industry in Hengkantou Village, outsiders like herself have also enjoyed dividends, on average 2 to 3 groups a day, monthly income of about 6000,<> yuan.

In recent years, Hengkantou Village has adhered to the concept of "red leadership, green development", established Hengkantou New Rural Development Co., Ltd. and other village collective enterprises, and vigorously developed the red tourism and training industry. "In accordance with the spirit of the important instruction of 'combining our own reality and giving full play to our own advantages', we chose the red tourism industry, which now seems to be very correct." Huang Kewei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hengkantou Village, introduced that driven by a series of industries, the village collective economy has achieved a qualitative leap, and the village's collective operating income will reach 2022.366 million yuan in 34, and the per capita disposable income will reach 47108 yuan.

"Grassroots party organizations must be strong, and the ranks of party members must be strong." When asked about the "password" of the "butterfly change" in Red Village, Huang Kewei said: "I have been working in the village for 5 years, I feel very deeply, it is very important to solve the problems of the countryside and handle the affairs of the villagers well. Since 2003, we have worked one stick after another, and developed the village better and better by giving play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the Party organization and Party members. ”

In 2007, Hengkantou Village established the first village-level party committee of the old revolutionary area in Zhejiang Province; In 2018, the village formed the Red Village Party Building Alliance with 3 surrounding villages and 3 enterprises; In 2019, Hengkantou Village established the first village-level "big party committee" in Ningbo... Adhere to the guidance of party building, and give full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as fighting bastions and the exemplary role of party members as vanguards.

During the interview, the reporter saw that each villager in Hengkantou Village has a "six package six" household code on the entry wall, and by scanning the QR code, you can see the household's package person or contract object. In order to better connect with the masses and give play to the role of the grid as a "clean outpost", Hengkantou Village explored the mechanism of "clean and honest guardians", with party members initiated and contacted by "guardians", and each party member contacted 1 rural households, so as to do a good job in conveying important matters, collecting feedback, resolving conflicts and disputes, and pairing up to build and help, forming a grassroots governance grid system covering in place. There are a total of 6 "guardians" in Hengkantou Village, who have taken the initiative to deal with and resolve all kinds of urgent and difficult problems of the masses through the "six supervision" work methods such as speaking out at the meeting, household investigation, and account checking.

In Huang Kewei's view, mobilizing the enthusiasm of party members makes things easier to handle in the village, "This method not only enhances the sense of honor of party members, but also gives ordinary people a sense of participation." We should do a good job of the 'six packages and six guarantees' and do the 'six supervision' in a down-to-earth manner, so that party members can play a full role, and the villagers do not have to run around when they encounter things, and small things can be handled 'on the yard'. ”

With industries in the fields and income at their doorstep, green development has made the life of the people of Hengkantou Village more prosperous

Busyness is the first impression of the villagers of Hengkantou Village to reporters: in the village's "net celebrity" farmhouse - Baizhang Farmhouse, Huang Pengxun and his wife, who are in their seventies, are busy entertaining guests, and nearly 20 tables of group meals are being prepared for tour groups in the yard; At the inheritance cake shop at the intersection, the Golden Jun family was making local snacks Liang Lane big cake, and the hostess packed 13 boxes of big cakes in one go, stepped on the battery car and went to the farmhouse to deliver it; At the gate of the red attraction, old but energetic old people are selling their own fresh mulberries to tourists, and when they see the reporter arrive, they greet them warmly and taste them...

In recent years, with the drive of red tourism, the village has more tourists, longer stay, consumption will naturally drive, under the village collective enterprise Red Village Tourism Company, many villagers have made money at their doorstep.

Sifting powder, molding, filling, printing, steaming... After two minutes of preparation and seven or eight minutes of steaming, the steaming, fragrant Lianglong cake is out of the pot. Taking advantage of the gap between boxing, Jin Jun, the operator of Lianglong's big cake, told reporters that he has been engaged in this business for 6 years, and at most he can sell about 500 boxes a day, and when he is few, there are dozens of boxes, most of which are sold to the village farmhouse. "A box is sold for 30 yuan, which is a lot of income!" In the face of everyone's laughter, Jin Jun further introduced that now he is also developing a "big cake experience store" to attract tourists to make big cakes and experience the whole process from glutinous rice to finished products.

"The shops in the village alone have an annual turnover of more than one million yuan." Speaking of the current business of running a farmhouse, "post-90s" returnee Huang Xujie said with a smile. Huang Xujie, who returned from studying in Germany, opened a farmhouse in the village in 2018 to seize the opportunity of tourism development in the village to start a business. As business got on track, the booming farmhouse led the villagers to increase their income, "Most of the employees and ingredients used daily by the farmhouse come from the village." There are more than 10 employees, and the salary is not low compared with the city, and the monthly cutting worker can get 6500 yuan, and the handyman aunt can also get 4500 yuan. Huang Xujie said.

Industrial revitalization is the top priority of rural revitalization. On the basis of developing red tourism, Hengkantou Village vigorously develops green industries. Through "land consolidation + modern agricultural development", the implementation of industrial projects such as Chuxin Farm, Chuxin Camp, Green Collar College, and Chuxin Green Product Plan, using the "company + farmer" model to introduce blueberries, kiwifruit, mulberries and other characteristic fruits according to local conditions, and build cherry orchards, bonsai gardens and other characteristic seasonal fresh fruit orchards, in recent years, helping villagers increase their income by more than 1000 million yuan every year.

In Hengkantou Village, there is also a 35-acre "plant factory" - a modern vegetable soilless cultivation base, where dozens of hydroponic vegetables and fruits thrive and are supplied to the market through the relevant distribution network when mature. This is a project built in cooperation between Hengkantou Village and enterprises, in which Hengkantou Village provides land, and the village collective accounts for 30% of the shares; The company provides funds and equipment, accounting for 70% of the shares. It is expected to increase the operating income of Hengkantou Village by 150.<> million yuan per year.

Hand in hand to walk together on the road of common prosperity, the "Red Village" exerts its own strength to drive the common prosperity of the village, the region and the cooperation

At the end of the visit to the New Era Civilization Practice Station, a special scene attracted the attention of reporters: two staff members dressed in Yi costumes were introducing Daliangshan, Sichuan, more than 2,000 kilometers away, to tourists, and the advertisement of the original Yi Song Festival of "Mountain and Sea Love Yi Jiale" was very conspicuous.

"We must walk hand in hand on the road to common prosperity, and this is a cooperation project between us and the western twinned village." Huang Kewei introduced that in 2021, according to the new round of national east-west counterpart cooperation deployment, Ningbo City and Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province carried out counterpart cooperation, and Hengkantou Village and Sanhe Village in Zhaojue County became paired villages. The two villages have achieved common development through publicity linkage, cultural exchanges, and consignment sales of characteristic agricultural products, and the promotion of Yi traditional culture is a pioneering project jointly built by the two sides, from which the original ecological Yi song performance of "Mountain and Sea Love, Yi Jiale" came from.

With the cooperation of Hengkantou Village, the village of Sanhe deep in the mountains has also changed. It is understood that at present, the first phase of the "household linkage code" project in Sanhe Village and the publicity screen project with an investment of 65,<> yuan have been completed, and the two villages have also jointly carried out the interactive "live broadcast with goods" activity presented by the two scenes, using the online mode of "live broadcast with goods" to help sell more than <>,<> yuan of agricultural products in Hengkantou Village and Sanhe Village, and enhance the popularity and influence of ecological agricultural products in Hengkantou Village and Sanhe Village.

Happiness is achieved through struggle, and common prosperity depends on hard work and wisdom to create. While promoting cooperation and common prosperity, Hengkantou Village also pays attention to the common prosperity of the village and the region, so that more villagers can share the fruits of development.

In 2020, the Party Committee of Hengkantou Village established the Red Village Mutual Aid Development Organization, which attracted more than 10 business households in the village, including farmhouses, family farms, and homestays, to join, and continuously pushed the flow of customers brought by red tourism and conference training to the Red Village Mutual Aid Development Alliance, and in 2021, about 350.<> million yuan of catering and homestays were pushed to help villagers increase income and become rich through their own efforts.

Not only that, Hengkantou Village and 8 surrounding villages have established a party building and joint construction mechanism to promote the dividend system of agricultural markets and the "enclave" property economy, etc., 9 administrative villages received 63,21 yuan in dividends from farmers' markets, and Dongshan Village, Lingtou Village and Hexi Village jointly invested in property with profits of 9,2 yuan. In February this year, Alliance Regional Development Co., Ltd. was established to carry out corporatized and large-scale operations, promote joint management of affairs, resource sharing and development promotion. Together with the surrounding villages, we compiled the "Future Rural Construction Plan of Hengkantou Area of Liangnong Town, Yuyao City" and "Huakai Lianglong "Zhejiang Red - Beautiful Pastoral Construction Plan", etc., dislocated nearly 1000,10 mu of farmland in the area, built high-standard fruit and vegetable greenhouses, and built more than 20 characteristic leisure agricultural sightseeing picking bases, more than 16 family farms, and <> farmhouses, creating a beautiful pastoral garden with "highlights in all seasons and can be picked at any time".

Today, a beautiful picture of common wealth is slowly unfolding in the Hengkantou area under Siming Mountain. "Over the years, under the strong leadership of the party organization, we have solidly promoted common prosperity, continuously played the leading role of Hengkantou Village, and are particularly happy to see more and more villagers living a good life!" Huang Kewei is full of pride.

Our reporter Xue Peng reported from Yuyao, Zhejiang