Thierry Léger 05h26, June 08, 2023

For the fifteenth day at ParisLongchamp, Thierry Léger recommends playing the numbers 8,5,6,11,10,13,1,3.

Thierry Léger's prediction for tonight's Quinté in ParisLongchamp: 8-5-6-11-10-13-1-3

The numbers 8 GRECIAN BONANZA, 5 MAGELLAN and 6 AZCA respectively 2nd, 3rd and 4th of the Prix des épinettes a reference event similar to this Quinté contested on May 7 on this Longchamp track can be considered as three solid bases.

The winning bet: ParisLongchamp: Meeting 1 in the 8th race: 802 THE ASTRONOMER

5th in the Grand Prix de Paris last summer then Castré will make a highly anticipated comeback and will not need to force his talent to be able to win.