1997: Thomas Di Leva – Deep Breath in Live Broadcast

When Thomas Di Leva spoke for the second time in 1997, the CD hooked up and it became completely silent. To fend off the silence, Thomas Di Leva decided to fill it with deep breaths.

2014: Athena Farrokhzad – Registered the most times

The poet Athena Farrokhzad played Ebba Grön's Arm You and the program received over 100 entries – which is a record. The Moderate MP Gunnar Axén was so upset that he threw out his TV (!).

2004: Regina Lund – Held self-written "radio concert"

Marketing yourself during a summer talk is nothing unusual. But one person who stirred up emotions in this particular area was Regina Lund. During her summer talk in 2004, she only played songs signed by herself.

2013: Kristian Gidlund – Touched many deeply

Musician and author Kristian Gidlund's summer talk with cancer was the last thing he did in public. Many were deeply touched by the program, which dealt with both the beginning and the approaching end of life.

Three months after the program was broadcast, Kristian Gidlund died at the age of 29.

2005: Lena Andersson – Critical of Jesus

The author Lena Andersson's summer talk in 2005 caused a minor listening storm. An "atheistic sermon" about God and Jesus that generated nearly 1,000 letters and six complaints to the Review Board.

1988: Helge Skoog– Heckled Borås

Actor Helge Skoog took the opportunity to give a boot to his former hometown Borås when he spoke in the summer of 1988. Answers to the speech came immediately when the chairman of the city's cultural committee called.