"This ball is absolutely impossible" "almost thought it was Ronaldo", recently, the rural football event "Village Chao" spontaneously organized by the people of Rongjiang County, Guizhou, exploded on the Internet. The referee and players on the pitch sell fish and drive excavators in their lives, and some work as teachers or civil servants. The 20 teams competed wonderfully and also attracted fans from all over the country to "check in" on the spot.

What "big dishes" did the "village super" feast on? "The most dazzling national style is showing!" "Specialty food and produce are on display!" "The live broadcast is too burning!" The elements that people like to see are gathered here, which is a new experience of cultural and sports tourism integration.

It's not a one-time hit. In 2020, Rongjiang County, as the last county in the country to lift itself out of poverty, began to plan to continue rural revitalization. There are football teams in every village here, which has long been rooted in the football culture of the masses and has become a unique advantage of the local area. With pockets drums and rich heads, this year's Central Document No. <> specifically proposed "supporting villages to run mass cultural activities on their own." Adapt measures to local conditions and meet the expectations of the people, "from the masses, to the masses", accumulate thick and thin, and dazzling attention comes from the thickly planted soil and the precise grasp of the opportunity.

The most infectious and explosive point of the competition is also reflected here, the protagonist of "Village Chao" is the people, everyone is a participant, and everyone has enthusiasm. Players working in other places took leave to return to the village to compete, a group of local grandmothers in their eighties were called "the brightest fans", villagers wore national costumes to participate in intangible cultural heritage performances, and offline and online public enthusiastic interaction...

Why is the "village super" and "village" smell so fragrant in the pyrotechnics? It carries homesickness and homesickness, and triggers people's emotional resonance and traditional value identity. Nostalgia is precipitated in the spiritual genes of Chinese culture, and people's resonance point is in this strong human touch, in homesickness and homesickness. Stimulate the motivation of farmers to participate, tap the potential of rural sages and other groups, and activities with local characteristics can truly fit the ground, gather popularity, and enhance the spirit of the countryside.

The aroma of wine is also afraid of the deep alley, and the "village flavor" is fragrant in the distance, relying on multi-point connection, multi-party joint efforts, and resource exploration and innovation. A series of measures such as story storytelling, creative design, and event promotion have helped the "village super" expand its influence to the greatest extent. How to use various cultural elements, various development subjects and various resources? The breakthrough point is in "integration" and improving infrastructure and service platforms. The new supply of rural products adopts a complete set of "new agricultural tools" and new models.

How can "Village Super" go further? "After the final, the national 'village super' invitational tournament will also be launched", and the local area has revealed the new layout. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the General Administration of Sports announced today that the National Hemei Rural Basketball Competition (Village BA) will be held, and the finals will be held in Taijiang County, Guizhou. What is the difference between "Village Chao" and "Village BA"? Doing enough "village flavor" cannot be "one taste in a thousand villages", and it is not homogeneous competition. After "Village Chao" and "Village BA", what other "village" prefix IPs will catch fire? "Village +" IP is emerging in villages everywhere, discovering and cultivating its own characteristics, making contributions for a long time, shaping the body externally, and casting the soul on the inside is the key to changing from "Internet celebrity" to "long red".

The "village +" IP strung together the villagers' yearning for a better life, showing the trend of the big chess game of rural revitalization. May more "village" activities and brands flourish, and drive and link more positive and vibrant rural life in more places.

(Wen 丨 Tao Lang)