Waste collection companies in Hachioji City, Tokyo, have been arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of violating the Waste Disposal Law.
In Tokyo, there have been a series of troubles involving the collection of unnecessary items in which high fees have been charged, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is calling for caution.

Among those arrested were Kyodai Kato, 35, the head of Eco Oji, a waste collection business in Hachioji City, Tokyo, and four employees.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, from February to May this year (R4), Hachioji City and Machida City in Tokyo are suspected of violating the Waste Disposal Law by collecting waste such as beds and refrigerators from ordinary households without the permission of the local government.

We also charged more than 40 times the collection cost provided by the government.

In some cases, customers who saw advertisements on the Internet or leaflets and requested collection were charged more than 40 times the collection cost performed by the government.

Inquiries about high fees charged by customers were sent to each local government, and the Metropolitan Police Department was investigating.

In response to the investigation, the person in charge denied the charges, saying, "I was collecting what could be sold, not garbage."

In Tokyo, similar inquiries regarding the collection of unused items have been received one after another to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and municipalities, and in the Reiwa fiscal year, a total of 3 inquiries have been received.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Consumer Affairs Center urges people to use government services or licensed vendors when disposing of unused items.