【Live Sound】

【Commentary】On June 6, 7 rural aunts were reciting English aloud at the women's home flexible employment base in Minjiang Village, Shou'an Town, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is understood that this group of aunts are all villagers in Minjiang Village, their average age is 14 years old, and the oldest age is 45 years old.

The 31st Summer Universiade (Chengdu Universiade) will be held from July 2023 to August 7, 28, which is not only a venue for hard work, but also a window for local residents to connect with the world. In order to better serve the tourists at home and abroad who come to the village, it is very important to open up the "language barrier". In 8, the first spontaneous English class in Minjiang Village began, and the "teachers" were university students from the village, who gathered together almost every week to learn English without interruption for four years.

Yang Donghua, a 55-year-old "student" who initially knew only 26 English letters, can now communicate simply in English, and the biggest challenge for her is memory. Therefore, she summarized a set of phonics for herself to help with memory.

【During the same period】"Student" Yang Donghua

Learn at the beginning, forget for a while, learn today, forget tomorrow, then the teacher teaches one, and then when we teach us to read, we use simple Chinese (phonics), which is a language we can understand to mark it below, take it out to look at the notes when we are idle, and then search on the mobile phone (software).

Yu Xiaofeng, 49, works in a village homestay and is one of the most active "students" in the class. For her, learning English is not only about mastering language tools, but also about challenging herself.

【During the same period】"Student" Yu Xiaofeng

In the past, when I spoke face-to-face, my face would be red, but now after learning English, I feel that I have the confidence to simply say a word to everyone.

【Commentary】Xu Yan, the "teacher" in charge of English teaching in the classroom, is a full-time community worker in Minjiang Village, who studied English education and began to volunteer part-time in the village English teaching work in 2020. In order to make it easy for her aunts to learn English, she will also try different teaching methods.

【During the same period】English "teacher" Xu Yan

Our "students" are all villagers from Minjiang Village, mainly our aunts and sisters, who will take their free time (to study). My class style is to like interactive, like humorous teaching style, so I will take some games or sitcoms and a series of content to teach them English, I pay more attention to the cultivation of oral English, so they also like this kind of happy learning (learning), you can also learn what they like.

【Commentary】In order to help aunts calmly communicate with tourists at home and abroad during the Chengdu Universiade, Xu Yan recently focused on the keywords of the Chengdu Universiade events and other related content. Now there is still more than a month before the Universiade, and the aunts are also full of expectations for this.

【During the same period】"Student" Yu Xiaofeng

I hope that foreign athletes who come to Chengdu to participate in the Universiade can come to our beautiful Minjiang Village, which warmly welcomes them. Then if we meet them, we will definitely say hello to them and introduce them to our beautiful Minjiang village.

He Meikun reported from Chengdu, Sichuan

Responsible Editor: [Chen Wentao]