An award was given to the Ibaraki Prefectural Police Police police dog, Anzu, a toy poodle, who was dispatched to search for a woman in her 70s who had gone missing, and found it safely using her sense of smell.

The award was given to Anzu, a 10-year-old toy poodle and a commissioned police dog from the Ibaraki Prefectural Police Headquarters.

On May 5, we searched for a woman in her 17s who had gone missing in the prefecture.

The clue was the smell of shoes, and Apricot used his keen sense of smell to spot the woman in a different direction than the initial sighting.

On the 7th, at the Mito Police Station, Chief Nobuaki Aoyagi presented a letter of appreciation to Hirofusa Suzuki, an apricot instructor.

And as a reward, I was given chicken jerky, which is my favorite food, and the apricot looked delicious.

Seven years ago, Anzu was the first small dog in Ibaraki Prefecture to pass the police dog examination, and is active in searching narrow places, and now two of Anzu's children are also active as part-time police dogs.

Chief Aoyagi said, "I was impressed that you did a good job with a small body."

Ms. Suzuki, the instructor, said, "Anzu started to move in a different direction from the direction where the woman was said to have disappeared, but I believed in Anzu, and I hope that she will contribute to the guidance of junior police dogs in the future."