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Rammstein on their knees (at the concert in Odense): Solidarity kneeling of the fans planned

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All four of Rammstein's concerts at the Olympic Stadium in Munich are sold out. The first performance is on Wednesday evening, followed by others on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It is the prelude to the German part of the band's European tour.

After the first concert of this tour in Vilnius, several women have made accusations against Rammstein frontman Lindemann in recent days. The women describe situations that they sometimes found frightening. Young women were selected during concerts and asked if they wanted to come to the after-show party. According to some women, sexual acts are also said to have occurred.

In a statement, Rammstein said that the allegations had hit them very hard and that they were taken extremely seriously. »We say to our fans: It is important to us that you feel comfortable and safe at our shows – in front of and behind the stage.« The letter continued: "We condemn all forms of abuse and ask you not to participate in public prejudice of any kind against those who have made accusations. They have a right to their point of view." But the band also has a right – namely not to be prejudged either.

The fans who bought tickets for the Munich concerts should hardly be able to help but deal with the allegations. In the run-up to the concerts, different behaviors can be observed.

For sold-out concerts, especially those like Rammstein's, where the tickets are personalized, there is the possibility to make tickets available at an official resale platform – if you can't or don't want to attend the show.

Fansale, the resale platform of the ticket sales company Eventim, offers many tickets for the upcoming Munich Rammstein concerts – for the performance on Sunday there were several hundred offers on Wednesday morning. A comparison with the Depeche Mode concert at the same venue in mid-June shows that there are also many resale offers for this, but significantly less than for Rammstein.

Of course, there can be many reasons for wanting to return a ticket purchased months ago in advance. Individual users of social media, however, write of problems of conscience and that they have offered tickets or are considering doing so. One wrote: "I realize how hard I struggle. It's an ass full of money and you probably won't get rid of the tickets either. However, it will not be a concert pleasure. Fans who show solidarity with a perpetrator...«

The news portal »T-Online«, on the other hand, quotes someone who rejoiced at comparatively cheap tickets: »Thank you for this to all those who sell their tickets at bargain prices out of prejudgement.«

The idea of a gesture of solidarity with Rammstein at the concerts is currently circulating in various fan groups on the net. Traditionally, the band gets down on their knees at the end of the performance. "When they kneel, we kneel with them and sing 'Without you,'" the appeal reads: "Let's let them know how much we love them, love is for everyone, including Rammstein."

The activist and author Jasmina Kuhnke expressed her shock at this form of solidarity and referred to its origins in the Black Lives Matter movement. "I just want to scream," she tweeted.

»Row Zero« without young women, parties without fans

At the Munich concerts there will be some changes compared to the rest of the Rammstein shows. In the so-called Row Zero, the security area directly in front of the stage, there should be no more groups of guests. For four years, small groups of mostly very young, often conspicuously dressed women could be seen on the right and left edges of the stage.

The concept for the after-show parties has also changed, according to people close to the band. There should no longer be two parties – a big one for fans and band, a small one for Lindemann and women. In the future, if at all, only a celebration after the concerts. For Munich, there are still different figures. The new concept will also have an impact on the invitation for Rammstein fans, who like to take selfies with the musicians on such occasions. This is now "stupid for everyone," Lindemann is quoted as saying.

Roth: "Mackerism has no place in music"

Six employees are to be on the lookout for abnormalities in the stadium in connection with security. This was confirmed to SPIEGEL on request. In addition, there will be a safe space area where those affected can retreat.

Federal Minister for Women's Affairs Lisa Paus had already pushed for better protection of women at concerts. Her Green party colleague Claudia Roth, Minister of State for Culture and the Media, joined the demand. "Patriarchal mackerism and sexual assault have no place in the music industry, as in art and culture in general and everywhere else," Roth told dpa. She had suggested "the development of a code of conduct for the entire cultural sector" and also saw the music industry with labels, publishers, festivals and organizers as having a duty to do so.

Meanwhile, drugstore retailer Rossmann announced that it would no longer sell the band's perfume ranges. This was first reported by »Bild« . The Rammstein brand's range includes fragrances such as »cocaine«, »sailor« or »pussy«.