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Alain Delon has not made a public appearance for several weeks. Enough to worry all his fans, who fear that his health has deteriorated. In an Instagram story, Anouchka Delon, the actor's daughter, reassured them. According to her, Alain Delon could very soon attend an exhibition dedicated to him.

The state of health of Alain Delon worries his fans... And for good reason, the actor has not made a public appearance for several weeks now. We just saw him on the social networks of his daughter Anouchka on May 18. The young woman had shared a photo of her and her father on the occasion of the presentation to the press of an exhibition dedicated to Alain Delon: "Yesterday, briefing before Hong Kong".

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Alain Delon is fine, according to his daughter Anouchka

Two days after this publication, Ari Boulogne, the illegitimate son of Alain Delon, was found dead at his home in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. The monster of French cinema, which has always refused to submit to a DNA test, did not react to the news. Anouchka Delon also did not speak in the media after the death of Ari Boulogne, unlike her older brother Anthony Delon who paid tribute to the photographer. "Rest in peace Ari. A tragic destiny. Sadness. A thought tonight for his two children, "he wrote very soberly on his Instagram account.

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Anouchka certainly had her head elsewhere since she was traveling to Hong Kong for the famous exhibition on Alain Delon. The young woman defends this artistic project all over the world. And it was on this occasion that she agreed to respond to Internet users on Instagram. One of them, very worried about Alain Delon since the stroke of the star in 2019, asked how he was doing and if he would attend the opening of the exhibition. "He's fine, he's looking forward to it. Please ask. Maybe he will be there, yes," Anouchka Delon replied. A message that should reassure all fans of the Cheetah...