Solène Delinger / Photo credit: RFI screenshot 12:00, June 06, 2023

Slimane did not expect to receive a message from his friend Florent Pagny during his visit Saturday, June 3, 2023 in the show "Urban Legends" on RFI. Vitaa's accomplice, eternally recognized towards the one who was his coach in "The Voice" in 2016, was overwhelmed by emotion when he saw him appear in a video intended for him...

Slimane will never forget what Florent Pagny did for him. In 2016, the singer of Chanter immediately turned around when he heard him cover the song of Vitaa A fleur de toi during the blind auditions of The Voice. While all the coaches on the show, including Jenifer, were fighting for him, Slimane listened to his heart and chose to go to the team of his idol Florent Pagny.

Florent Pagny very proud of Slimane's career

After months of work, the one who will become the "brother", the alter ego of Vitaa, won the singing competition of TF1, under the benevolent gaze of Florent Pagny. Seven years later, Slimane and Florent Pagny have kept in touch. It is therefore natural that the former coach of The Voice wanted to send a message to his protégé on the occasion of his passage in the show Urban Legends Saturday, June 3 on RFI. "Bravo for this path traveled since The Voice, it's true that you often come back as an example as an artist who was discovered in a singing competition, a voice contest [...] And you have passed the major test of starting a big career after an adventure like this, which makes you rather very rare and I say bravo. This allows us to meet more often [...] I was proud to have seen all this start, "said Florent Pagny to Slimane via a video where he appears shaved head following his chemotherapy, which he has just stopped.

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Slimane considers Florent Pagny a member of his family

Slimane, who did not expect to receive such an emotional message from his coach, was overwhelmed by emotion. In tears, the singer, recently become a father, reacted: "It's very strong, he's the guy who changed my life too, he was my coach on The Voice, he was the one who gave me the chance to make him a song very quickly after the release. I don't know if he realized it, but it allowed other artists to trust me."

Slimane then paid tribute to the one he considers to be his mentor: "I will thank him throughout my life. It was a great example of humility in The Voice. He said hello to everyone, to all the technicians. He is someone who respects you while you are there, you have done nothing and he already has thirty years of career. I learned a lot from him, I consider him deeply as someone in my family, with a lot of modesty. For example, with everything that happened, we did not exchange many messages. I sent a message: 'I hope it's okay, I'm sending you my strength', because it's like it's my uncle. I hope he knows in any case that he means a lot to me," concluded Slimane, referring to Florent Pagny's fight against lung cancer.