In the tournament of the "Student Meijin Match", in which the winner is eligible to participate in some professional shogi matches, it was found that the winning student was disqualified for violating the tournament regulations for using a shogi AI app during the game.

According to the All Japan Student Shogi Federation, which organizes the "Student Meijin Match," some participants asked the male students who won the final of the tournament held in Tokyo on the 4th to investigate the number of times they were away during the game.

For this reason, when the federation interviewed this student and investigated, it was found that he was carrying a smartphone with the power turned on during the game, and during the final and semi-final games, there was evidence that he was using a shogi AI app that indicates the best move when you enter the phase.

According to the tournament regulations, the electronic device in your possession is turned off during the game, and you are not allowed to use your mobile phone when you are away from your seat, and if it is found that you played the game using shogi software, the offender will be disqualified.

As a result of the discussion, the male student was disqualified, and the runner-up student won the championship early.

According to the federation, the male students did not talk about the details.

The "Student Meijin Match" is a tournament to determine the best student shogi Japan from all over Japan, and has a history of 79 times this year, and is sponsored by the Japan Shogi Federation, and the winner qualifies for the "Asahi Cup Shogi Open Match" for professional shogi players.

The All Japan Student Shogi Federation told NHK, "We are surprised and disappointed because we want to believe in the participants, and we will take strict measures against injustice."