In a more than 30-minute video, YouTuber Kayla Shyx reiterates the allegations of abuse of power and sexualized violence against Till Lindemann, which several young women have recently made public. She herself was at a Rammstein concert on June 4, 2022, and was invited to an after-after party, according to the influencer.

"At half-time, I was approached by a Russian woman named Alena Makeeva to ask if I wanted to come to the afterparty," says the 21-year-old. "What happened next was very frightening. Right now, a lot is coming out that I was very afraid of when I was in the situation. Other girls have fared much worse than me. But I want to use my reach to report on it.«

At the beginning of the video, the Berlin actress shows Shyx messages that she says she wrote to a friend after the Rammstein concert. "We thought we were going to the after party... all of a sudden, she leads us into such a back room. and she said you're waiting for Till. We were just brought in there so that Rammstein could choose some.«

She shot a video immediately after the Rammstein concert because she felt it was very wrong what she had experienced there – but the video never went online. "I was told by my old management to delete the story. And I'm not supposed to comment publicly about my experience at the concert for the time being." When she told someone "in the industry" about it, she was always told not to talk about it. Everyone played it down. I was just scared. I'm afraid to shoot the video now, too."

Shyx then reports that she and her then 18-year-old friend were invited to an after-show party by Alena Makeeva after the concert. "She was extremely nice and trusting. I didn't think anything of it." However, the two were then escorted by Makeeva and several security men past the actual after-show party with celebrity guests and led into a small room with sofas, refrigerators and alcohol. "In front of the room, the security men checked that each of us put her cell phone on a table. That's when I realized I should have turned around. But the security stared at me, Makeeva talked to me reassuringly like a mum. I was under a lot of pressure."

On the two sofas, the ten or so girls sat in silence and waited, Makeeva had pressured them to drink alcohol. A few looked dazed and frightened, others "pretended it was all normal." In the toilet, Shyx would then have learned from another attendee that they were in a pre-selection of women who were supposed to have sex with Lindemann. "All of a sudden, I check: I'm here as a sex object. Panic, panic." As a result, she and her companion left.

In the past week, several women had already described similar processes. Two women told the »Süddeutsche Zeitung« of alleged sexual acts to which they had not consented. In the media, the women traced how they had been specifically approached at concerts and Instagram in order to invite them to after-show parties specially designed for Lindemann. The most serious allegations so far: Female fans are said to have been secretly drugged. The band denied the allegations and asked not to be prejudged. A lawyer emphasized that there was a lack of "evidentiary facts."