At a nursery school in Ehime Prefecture where an infant choked on an apple in his throat and fell unconscious last month, it was found that after this accident, there were a series of mistakes regarding the provision of food, such as giving snacks containing eggs to children with egg allergies. The kindergarten apologized, saying, "We are very sorry that we made another mistake immediately after the serious accident."

At the Nozomi Nursery School in Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture, on the 16th of last month, an eight-month-old boy was taken to an ambulance with an apple cut into small dice that was served at school lunch stuck in his throat, and is still unconscious and in critical condition.

According to the zoo, on the 8th of last month, after the accident, a one-year-old girl with an egg allergy was mistakenly offered a commercially available madeleine that contains eggs as a snack.

Since we confirmed that our parents had egg allergies before entering the park, we did not serve food containing eggs unless they had the consent of the parents.

Also, after the accident on the 24th, the food provided was placed in different places depending on whether or not there was an allergy, but the nursery teacher was not fully aware of this and provided it.

The girl's body temperature rose to about 1 degrees for 16 minutes at one point, but no health problems have been confirmed since then.

Also, on the 37th of last month, there was a mistake in the pumpkin salad served to an eight-month-old boy at the time with a foreign substance that appeared to be part of the cooking paper.

Mayumi Hosokawa, secretary general of the Niihama Social Welfare Services Association, a social welfare corporation that operates the nursery school, apologized, saying, "The rules for providing school lunches and snacks that were revised after the accident on the 5th were not thoroughly communicated to nursery teachers and others.