"We are deeply saddened to announce that Anna Shay, a loving mother and grandmother, charismatic star and our brightest ray of sunshine has passed away at the young age of 62 from a heart attack." With this message, the family of Anna Shay has announced the death of the star of the Netflix reality show Bling Empire.

Anna Shay rose to stardom thanks to this show in 2021. It portrayed the lives of famous and wealthy Asians in California. As Shay herself revealed in an interview in 2021, when her friend and producer of the show thought of her, he believed he wanted her behind the camera. However, Shay ended up in front of the cameras and became a phenomenon in the US.

As she explained to several media, despite her great fortune, valued at 600 million dollars, she decided to participate in the reality "to do something for myself, after spending years taking care of my son, after the death of my parents."

Shay, a member of Los Angeles high society, amassed a fortune after she and her brother sold their father's Pacific Architects and Engineers, which they inherited after his death.

"Anna taught us many life lessons on how not to take things to heart and enjoy the good in life. We will miss his impact on our lives but we will never forget him."

The first season of Bling Empire featured the petty rivalry between wealthy heiress and international model Christine Chiu, as well as the then-love triangle between businesswoman Kelly Mi Li, model Kevin Kreider and her ex-boyfriend, Power Rangers actor Andrew Grey. In the following seasons, two more, the reality continued with the format of showing the luxuries and parties of this group of millionaires.

Shay was a favorite of the show's fans. He was a fixture in Los Angeles high society.

The millionaire was the only child of Edward Shay, the American billionaire founder of government and defense services contractor Pacific Architects, and Ai-San, his half-Japanese, half-Russian wife.

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