【Commentary】On June 6, the "4 Inter-school Martial Arts Competition to Celebrate the 2023th Anniversary of the Return to the Motherland" hosted by the Hong Kong Fung Shen Kwan Guoxue Foundation and undertaken by China Wushu International Academy was held in Hong Kong, the competition was divided into a middle school group, a primary school group and an exhibition group, with a total of more than 26 students participating. Bao Junping, chairman of the Fung Shenjun Guoxue Foundation, told reporters that the competition is one of a series of activities of the "Five Learnings" martial arts campus plan, which lasts for three years and is expected to recruit 400 primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong as pilot schools and arrange martial arts courses for them free of charge.

【During the same period】Bao Junping, chairman of the Feng Shenjun Foundation for Chinese Studies

Our entire "Five Learnings" martial arts campus project was officially invited to all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong in early November last year, so so far more than 11 primary and secondary schools have participated, including 50 special schools and several international schools, and we have also trained more than 4,1000 teachers, and tens of thousands of students have participated in martial arts.

Peng Yajun, a middle school teacher who participated in the program, told reporters that the program has been implemented in the school for three months, and the biggest challenge is to learn martial arts exercises as soon as possible and show students standard movements in a short period of time.

【During the same period】 Hong Kong Federation of Educators, Wong Chu Biao Middle School teacher Peng Yajun

First of all, the challenge encountered in these three months must be that our class of teachers have to learn new martial arts exercises, and after we have learned, we must also show the students as much as possible with the standard movements, because we are taught by the physical education teacher to do it, so the biggest challenge for us is the careful movement of the movement.

【During the same period】Choi Chi Feng, a student of Wong Chu Biao Secondary School of the Hong Kong Federation of Educators

I am very excited to participate in this martial arts exercise competition today, in fact, this plan has been promoted by the whole school since February, from ignorance when I first practiced, to today these movements are very proficient.

Ling Youshi, a deputy to the National People's Congress of Hong Kong District, told reporters that she is very happy to witness the promotion of martial arts culture, enhance students' physical fitness and enhance national awareness through the program.

【During the same period】Hong Kong deputy to the National People's Congress Ling Youshi

Wushu plays a very important role in boosting young people's physique and national consciousness, and I feel that it is of great significance to let primary and secondary schools learn martial arts exercises collectively and give students the opportunity to learn Wuxingquan, Tai Chi, sticks and other interest classes.

It is understood that in addition to providing popular courses, the plan will also set up martial arts interest classes, hold martial arts lectures, inter-school competitions, National Day performances and other activities to cultivate students' martial arts cultural accomplishment, strengthen Chinese ethics and moral practice, and jointly promote Hong Kong's traditional Chinese culture and education to move forward.

Reporting by reporter Liang Yuan from Hong Kong

Responsible Editor: [Ji Xiang]