Beijing, June 6 ( -- The 6 college entrance examination will officially open on June 2023. According to the Ministry of Education's website, the number of applicants for the national college entrance examination this year was 6.7 million, an increase of 1291,98 over last year and a record high. The curtain of the college entrance examination is about to open, and some pre-exam precautions released in many places are worthy of attention of candidates and parents.

Infographic: In the classroom of the third grade of Chongqing No. 11 Middle School, students are focusing on review. Photo by He Penglei

These items are strictly prohibited in the examination room

On June 6, the Ministry of Education released early warning information for the college entrance examination on its official website, reminding the majority of candidates: In recent years, the Ministry of Education, together with relevant departments, has deployed a special treatment of mobile phone cheating in the college entrance examination, so that mobile phones "cannot be brought in", "cannot be used" and "cannot be transmitted". During the college entrance examination, students from all over the country will strive for their dreams under standardized examination room and full video surveillance, and after the exam, the video recording of the examination room will also be played back and reviewed to determine whether each candidate has violated rules and disciplines.

On June 6, the Beijing Municipal Education Examination Institute issued a pre-exam reminder, and on the day of the test, candidates entered the test center with their admission ticket and ID card. This year's college entrance examination will take two security checks into the test center and the examination room. Candidates should not bring electronic devices such as mobile phones, smart watches, smart bracelets, etc. into the test center, and try not to bring non-essential metal objects (such as jewelry, etc.).

This year, many provinces have equipped their test centers with smart security gates for the first time. All test centers in Guangdong Province will fully adopt the "2+1" admission security check mode, and candidates must pass through the "two metal detectors + one intelligent security gate" test to enter the examination room.

Fujian Province implements the "1+1" security check method, that is, when all candidates enter the test center, they can enter the test center only after receiving the intelligent security gate inspection without abnormalities. Before entering the test room, candidates are required to undergo a metal detector inspection to ensure that electronic communication devices such as mobile phones, watches, electronic bracelets, and wireless headphones are kept out of the test center.

Data map: In the third year of high school self-study class, students carefully review and prepare for the college entrance examination. Photo by Deng Yinming

Clarify the epidemic prevention matters in the examination room in many places

On May 5, the Shandong Provincial Education Admission Examination Institute issued a document mentioning that candidates should independently carry out health monitoring 26 days before the test, and if they have suspicious symptoms such as fever, they should immediately take a nucleic acid or antigen test, and if the result is positive, take the initiative to contact the education admission examination agency where the test center is located to report, and take the test in the alternate examination room of the test center in accordance with the relevant requirements. If you have suspicious symptoms on the day of the test or during the test, an antigen test will be taken on-site, and candidates who test positive will be arranged to take the test in an alternate test room. Candidates in alternate examination rooms are required to wear masks at all times.

According to a report by Fujian Daily on June 6, in accordance with the normalized epidemic prevention and control requirements of "Class B and B tube", the 2 college entrance examination adheres to scientific and precise epidemic prevention, and clarifies that during the college entrance examination period, candidates wearing masks should take off their masks when undergoing identity verification to ensure smooth identity verification. If candidates wear masks, they must leave their own masks in the "non-test items storage area" outside the testing room before entering the examination room, and are not allowed to bring them into the examination room. If there is a real need after admission, you can apply to the invigilator, which will be provided by the examination room.

What should I do if I get infected with the new crown before the college entrance examination? Hu Yang, deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, suggested in an interview with the media that drugs with fewer side effects should be taken as much as possible to avoid affecting the college entrance examination results due to adverse effects of taking drugs, and the principle is to try to take relevant drugs that have been taken before without adverse reactions. To avoid choosing cold medicines with drowsiness effects, some cold medicines contain anti-allergic ingredients, such as chlorpheniramine, etc. may induce drowsiness, which may have an impact on test takers, parents need to consult a doctor or pharmacist in time when choosing drugs for their children.

For problems such as insomnia and anxiety before the exam, Fan Tententeng, deputy director of the Department of Sleep Medicine of Peking University Sixth Hospital, told that candidates should maintain the same routine as usual, and do not make temporary adjustments because of the college entrance examination. At the same time, create a good sleeping environment, including quiet surroundings, comfortable bedding, suitable temperature, humidity, etc. If you are anxious and difficult to fall asleep before the test, you can lie on the bed and do abdominal breathing to relax and relax, which makes it easier to fall asleep.

Infographic: In the corridor outside the classroom, teachers answer questions for candidates and help students face the college entrance examination. Photo by He Penglei

Pay attention to the weather conditions during the college entrance examination

On June 6, according to China Weather Network, southern Zhejiang, southern Anhui, northern Jiangxi, northern Guizhou and other places will have significant rainfall during the college entrance examination, and scattered heavy rain may occur in some areas, and at the same time accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, winds and other strong convective weather, there is a risk of road area water, candidates and parents need to reasonably plan the time and route to the test according to the current forecast and warning information issued by the local meteorological department to avoid affecting the exam.

It is expected that from June 6 to 7, the high temperature range in the north will be further expanded, and the maximum temperature in northern China, northern Huanghuai and parts of the eastern part of Northwest China will reach 9°C or above.

In large cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang and other places may have high temperatures, the local public need to pay attention to the upcoming forecast, timely do a good job of sun protection and heat protection, college entrance examination candidates and parents also need to replenish water in time, arrange travel time reasonably, try to avoid staying outdoors for a long time, so as not to cause physical discomfort. (End)