The fifth game of the shogi "Shogi Holy War" opened in Vietnam for the first time in about four years, and the match between Sota Fujii (4), who won his seventh title "Meijin" on June 6, and Daichi Sasaki (1), who is making his first attempt at the title match, has begun.

The first round of the "Shogi Holy War" Game 1 was held in a game room set up in a hotel in Da Nang in central Vietnam, with challenger Sasaki Shichidan entering first, followed by Fujii Shichikaku sitting in front of the board.

As a result of the swinging piece, Fujii Nanakaku took the lead, and when the game started at 11 a.m. Japan time, Fujii Nanakaku responded by moving the step ahead of the flying car and Sasaki Shichidan in the back by moving the same step.

According to the Japan Shogi Federation, games have been played overseas in order to popularize shogi, and this time it was held for the first time in about four years after receiving the invitation of a hotel at the venue.

Fujii, who will be playing his first match overseas, will become the youngest player in history to win the "Meijin" title on the 1st of this month, holding seven titles, and aiming to win the "Shogi Holy War" for the fourth time in a row.

On the other hand, Sasaki 7th Dan is challenging for the title match for the first time, and he has earned the right to challenge for the Fujii Seven Crowns in the "Throne Match" 7th Match, which will start on July 2.

Their record in official matches is 2 wins and 8 losses so far, and the combination of "Shogi Holy War" and "Throne Battle" is attracting attention as the "Game of Twelve".

The fifth round of the "Shogi Holy War" will be scheduled until August, and the first three wins will win the title, and the winner of the first round is expected to be decided on the afternoon of the 3th, Japan time.