Kim Cattrall at a film premiere: Her series character Samantha was largely responsible for the sex in "Sex and the City"


Since the second »Sex and the City« film, Kim Cattrall had always ruled out a return to the universe of the series, now she is to be seen in the second season of the series remake »And Just Like That...« but play the Samantha again.

Colleague Evan Handler found comparatively kind words about this news in »People«. » I think that's great – really!" said the 62-year-old, who plays Harry Goldenblatt. However, he did not let it stand without a little side blow. "Apparently [her scene] was filmed in a garage somewhere, with no contact with any of us," he added. Therefore, the only place where he has to welcome them is "my living room when it's on TV."

Cattrall's scene is said to have been filmed in New York in March. It was a phone call between Samantha and Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. In the first season of the series, Cattrall's character was physically absent, but was always part of the plot in the form of text messages.

A spokesperson for HBO Max confirmed the completed shoot a few days ago. At the same time, the news of Cattrall's return was shared on the series' Instagram channel. Obviously, the colleagues also only learned about Cattrall's appearance from these sources. "I found out the same day you did," Evan Handler told People.

Kim Cattrall actually ruled out her return

The quote is similar to that of Kim Cattrall when she said in an interview with Variety last year that she had not been asked if she wanted to star in the spin-off series. I found out about it just like everyone else – via social media," she said.

Cattrall had emphasized several times after the second "Sex and the City" film that she would not be part of a potential third film and had also dealt out against her colleagues. They had never been friends, she said. And lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker "could have been really nicer," Cattrall said in a conversation with Piers Morgan. I don't know what their problem is."

Parker had then said in a podcast that Cattrall's statements had been taken seriously and that they had therefore been published in the run-up to the first season of "And Just Like That..." did not ask for a return.

The second season of the series starts on June 22.