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Rammstein singer Lindemann (at a 2022 gig): No party in Munich?

Photo: Malte Krudewig / dpa

At several Rammstein concerts in the coming days in Munich, there will apparently be changes in the auditorium of the Olympic Stadium. This is probably the organizer's reaction to the allegations against the band – Rammstein are criticized after alleged assaults on young women.

On Monday, the »Abendzeitung« and the local editorial office of the »Süddeutsche Zeitung« reported that there would probably be no »Row Zero« at the concerts. The »Zero Row« directly in front of the stage had fallen into disrepute because it plays a role in an alleged system with which young women are said to have been introduced to the band. According to reports from women, those who were led to after-show parties were selected in "Row Zero".

Female Rammstein fans are said to have been secretly drugged at parties around the band's concerts – according to the most serious accusation so far. Some are said to have been sexually harassed in this state. At the center of the allegations is singer Till Lindemann.

The band strongly denies the allegations. However, Rammstein has so far left specific questions about the allegations unanswered.

A confirmation from the Munich concert promoter Propeller Music that there will be no "Row Zero" in the Olympic Stadium is still pending, even after repeated requests. The national tour organizer, the agency MCT, did not comment on SPIEGEL's request until the early afternoon. Obviously, there is still a need for coordination.

Motion by the Greens, the Left, the ÖDP

After the allegations against Rammstein became known, the Munich Greens had pushed for the concerts to be made safer under certain conditions. They submitted a corresponding application to the Munich City Council (you can read the application as a PDF file here). The draft was also supported by the parliamentary groups of the Left Party and the ÖDP.

Accordingly, the district administration department (KVR) should be asked to examine whether "the aforementioned row zero (row of fans in front of the barrier) should be prohibited for safety reasons". The Greens would also like to have it examined whether, as at the Oktoberfest, the "Safe Wiesn" campaign can set up so-called safe spaces at such major concerts in urban spaces (such as the Olympic Stadium). The concept envisages that there are safe places where women can find protection and where they can be helped in need.

In addition to the ban on "Row Zero", the Munich Greens are also calling for "awareness teams", i.e. specially trained teams that are on the road at concerts and can serve as contact persons for people in need. Such teams already exist in the rave or open-air scene.

As the »Süddeutsche Zeitung« reports, the SPD in the city council sees »the issue of sexual violence against women more in the area of responsibility of the police«. The CSU parliamentary group, in turn, assumes that the organizer will take security measures on its own initiative: "To our knowledge, there will be no 'Row Zero' in front of the Rammstein stage in Munich," the newspaper quotes deputy parliamentary group leader Evelyne Menges.

Four concerts are scheduled at the Olympic Stadium, on 7, 8, 10 and 11 June. A total of around 240,000 spectators are expected.