Beijing, 6 Jun (Zhongxin Net) -- A seminar on Nie Zhenning's novel "Shusheng Xing" was recently held at the China Modern Literature Museum in Beijing. The work is Nie Zhenning's return after more than 5 years of writing, and the author says it is "a hymn to a teacher."

Zhang Hong, deputy general manager of China Publishing Group Co., Ltd., introduced that "Shusheng Xing" originated from Nie Zhenning's study experience 60 years ago, and the meticulous white description of the mountains and rivers in Guangxi and the accurate description of the words of the times in the novel poured out the author's strong feelings and deep love. It can be said that this book is a work of affection by the author and a tribute to the teachers who dedicate themselves to education, spreading love and wisdom.

For such a return work, Zang Yongqing, president of the People's Literature Publishing House, said that the teachers who adhered to the educational concept of "love" 60 years ago to do things were a miracle that really happened in the author's youth, and it was a precious fire that he has hidden deep in his heart and carefully guarded since then. Sixty years ago, the bells of the campus resounded on the road of life, and the teachers cultivated solid values and shaped themselves. The writing of "Scholar Xing" is to ignite this precious flame and burn it to a brilliance, enough to illuminate a history with the spirit of this group of people.

The guests said that "Shushengxing" is a history of education in New China, presenting a valuable context in the experience of the Republic, and an important supplement to the history of the spiritual development of the Republic. "Shusheng Xing" is a kind of memory and writing of historical experience, showing truthful full-text realism, simple and kind historicism, and has a strong role in promoting the cultural development of the new era.

Wang Meng, the "People's Artist", said that "Shusheng Xing" has enriched the types and diversification of literary themes. At the same time, this is a kind of truthful realist literature, a detailed, comprehensive realism. "Some of his writing methods are amazing, such as opening a book list, writing a situation report, and writing letters between husband and wife, from beginning to end, like a ruler. After getting used to reading magical or fantasy novels, I suddenly saw the same works as turning to archives, and I was very inspired. ”

Li Jingze, vice chairman of the China Writers Association, mentioned that Nie Zhenning almost wrote a story objectively and solidly in a microhistoriographical method, through a small unit, standing on the hindsight of the road of New China for more than 70 years, and re-understanding the idealism and sacrifice of that generation, and this understanding is not only in the historical sense, but actually standing in the context of Chinese-style modernization at this moment, and re-establishing spiritual ties with them. Reconnect spiritually with the idealism of that generation.

Launched by the People's Literature Publishing House in April this year, "Shusheng Xing" is the first novel work by Nie Zhenning, a publisher and reading expert. (End)