In the unified local elections in April, transgender voters requested improvement of the issue of transgender voters being exposed to their gender on the family register at a polling station in Nagasaki City without their consent, and the city's election committee indicated that it intends to improve its response in the future.

In this case, Yu Yoshimura, whose gender on the family register is male and the gender he identifies as female transgender, submitted a request to the city's election committee requesting improvement when the person in charge of the city read out his name on the family register in a voice that could be heard by the people around him at the early voting station for the Nagasaki mayor and city council election in April this year, and said, "Then you are a man."

On January 4, Sho Katsura, secretary general of the Nagasaki City Election Committee, met with Ms. Yoshimura and admitted that there was a lack of consideration at the polling place, and expressed her intention to enhance training and review the measures taken to ensure that information such as gender is not leaked to third parties when verifying identities.

On the other hand, there was no word of apology from the city side to Mr. Yoshimura at the meeting that day.

Yoshimura told the press after the meeting, "I think the city did what they could at this point, but it was unfortunate that there was no apology. I want the city to imagine what the other party thinks when they say it."