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Manuel Segade will be the next director of the Reina Sofía Museum, according to the Ministry of Culture and Sports in a statement.

"Segade has been the candidate who has obtained the highest score during the selection process," explains the statement.

Manuel Segade is director of the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo de Móstoles (CA2M), dependent on the Community of Madrid.

Segade thus prevails over the other four finalists who were interviewed last week by the committee chosen by the Ministry led by Miquel Iceta.

The appointment of the new direction of the Reina Sofía is crucial for the future of the institution and also of Spanish contemporary art. The museum and art center – which in 2023 has a budget of 44 million and has just over 500 employees – not only depends on the projection of Spanish art abroad, but also the strengthening of the sector itself at the local level. After 15 years in which the old management managed to internationalize the institution, but not to project Spanish artists abroad or validate the trajectories of local creators, expectations regarding the new direction of the museum are very high.

Miquel Iceta decided to continue with the selection to direct the Reina Sofía Museum even though it was in the pre-election period. Instead of waiting for the formation of a new government, the Minister of Culture and Sport has thus arrogated to himself the political decision of choosing who will occupy the head of the main Spanish contemporary art center until at least 2028.

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