In Rinhoku Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, the shipment of rocky oysters featuring large meat and rich taste is in full swing.

Rock postcards are also called "summer postcards" and are in season from spring to summer.

In Ryohoku Town, two fisheries companies are engaged in aquaculture and ship under the brand name "Amakusa Tenryō Iwakaki".

At the workshop of Haruki Fukushima, a fisherman in Tomioka in Ryohoku Town, employees skillfully packed rocks that had been soaked in seawater sterilized with ultraviolet rays for more than 2 hours so that they could be eaten raw.

Iwagaki is grown off the coast of Linghoku Town for four years, and each weighs about 16 to 4 grams, and is characterized by a volume and creamy and rich taste that cannot be eaten in one bite.

Shipments will continue until early August, and the town's two fisheries producers are expected to ship about 1 tons, which is about the same as usual, mainly in the Kansai area.

Takeshi Fukushima, an employee, said, "I think it's the best thing to do, and I would like you to eat it raw."