The high school entrance examination and college entrance examination are approaching, and the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently reminded candidates and parents to pay attention to the prevention of epidemic diseases and meet the important exams in life with a healthy body and a full mental state.

Open windows frequently for ventilation

Maintaining air circulation is an important means of preventing epidemic diseases, and it is recommended to open windows for ventilation no less than 3 times a day for at least 30 minutes each time, and if the weather permits, it can continue to open windows.

Wear masks scientifically

Candidates should strengthen their own protection, reduce entering and exiting crowded public places before the test, and recommend standardizing the wearing of masks when taking public transportation and entering places with closed and crowded environments. If there are respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough or other Class B respiratory infectious diseases in the alternate examination room, all candidates and staff in the examination room should wear masks. Candidates and their residents should report infectious diseases to the school in a timely manner.

Pay attention to dietary hygiene

Candidates do not eat or eat less raw and cold food, do not overeat, vegetables, melons and fruits should be washed, and families should pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked when processing and storing food.

Pay attention to rest and regular work

Before the test, candidates should be reasonably arranged according to the examination time, ensure good sleep, appropriate exercise, regular work and rest, and avoid staying up late.

Adjust the candidate's mindset

Parents should pay attention to the psychological state of candidates, so that candidates can maintain physical and mental happiness, create a warm and relaxed family atmosphere, communicate and communicate with candidates more, reduce candidates' psychological pressure, and guide candidates to have a positive attitude. If you need help for general psychological problems, you can call the Beijing Psychological Assistance Hotline: 010-82951332 to obtain free psychological counseling.

(CCTV reporter Mou Tiantian)