【During the same period】National mountaineering first-class athlete Xu Zhuoyuan

The weather was very bad during our entire summit, including the entire departure time, it was snowing, and the wind was probably 6 to 7 on the day. On the first day we reached C1 (5980 meters above sea level), the second day we were C2 (6400 meters above sea level), and C2 we stayed for four days. Then on the 13th we got the news, that is, the road construction team had laid the road rope, then we reached C13 (3 meters above sea level) on the 7300th, we rushed to C14 (4 meters above sea level) on the 8000th, and then (I) successfully climbed Mount Everest from the southern slope at 5:15 am Beijing time on May 7, and also became the youngest climber on the southern slope (China).

【Commentary】The picture tells the reporter about his experience of climbing Mount Everest is Xu Zhuoyuan, a 16-year-old high school student from Changsha, Hunan Province. During her six years of primary school, she followed her father through 6 provinces in China, and at the age of 30, she climbed the 12,5025-meter-high peak of Siguniang Mountain, and then climbed the second peak of Siguniang Mountain, Otaina Peak, Mushtag Peak and Banji Peak. Her mountaineering experience made her determined to climb higher peaks.

In order to successfully climb Mount Everest, Xu Zhuoyuan began to conduct systematic training for two hours a day from the beginning of 2023, including running, swimming, weight-bearing climbing, Bulgarian squats and other events. She told reporters that the dangers of mountaineering often worry her family, but she never thought of giving up climbing, partly because of her love and partly because of the promise she made to her father to climb Mount Everest four years ago.

【During the same period】National mountaineering first-class athlete Xu Zhuoyuan

My father's influence must also be there, that is, one of the spirit of some climbers he taught me since I was a child, is perseverance, and then not afraid of difficulties, but also to be in awe of nature and cherish life.

Xu Zhuoyuan's father, 56-year-old Xu Jianglei, successfully climbed Mount Everest from the north slope as early as 2007, becoming the first person to climb Mount Everest in the history of Hunan Province. As the "leader" of Xu Zhuoyuan's mountaineering, Xu Jianglei has always adhered to the educational philosophy of "reading ten thousand books and traveling thousands of miles", and he believes that traveling and climbing can not only increase knowledge, but also hone will and shape a good outlook on life.

【During the same period】Xu Zhuoyuan's father Xu Jianglei

She changed herself by climbing, and a 16-year-old in the mountains knows that there are struggles and sacrifices, these things are the education of life. The middle of climbing will make you have countless thoughts of giving up, and if you want to succeed, you must persist, so that in the middle of her future life growth, she will have a more tenacious character than ordinary people, and a team spirit of cooperation, so all aspects should give her positive and positive guidance.

Xu Zhuoyuan told reporters that mountaineering sports make her cherish the present and love life more, she will always adhere to the pace of climbing, the short-term plan is to hike the north and south poles after the college entrance examination, and then consider copying her father's footsteps to climb Mount Everest again from the north slope. For the long-term plan of life, Xu Zhuoyuan also said that she wants to engage in sports-related majors in the future.

【During the same period】National mountaineering first-class athlete Xu Zhuoyuan

Personally, I want to study medicine, and if I want to study a major, it is a medicine in sports injury (recovery), because including myself, my father, including my teammates, in fact, most people (mountaineering) cannot escape this strain. I also want to do my best to help more people in the future, and I also contribute my own strength to this one I love, which is this hobby.

Li Ying reports from Changsha

Responsible Editor: [Li Yan]