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Scene with Fabian Hinrichs and Sina Martens: »We could have gone a different way«

Photo: Hendrik Heiden / Hendrik Heiden / BR

Back to the past: Fabian Hinrichs was confronted with the love of his life from his student days in Berlin as Inspector Felix Voss in the current »Tatort«. It was now allegedly in a cemetery in the Upper Palatinate, section "Suicides". But as it turned out in the course of the current investigations, the death was only faked. Voss's girlfriend had staged her demise to save herself from the clutches of her toxic family.

In the end, the missing woman spoke to the agitated commissioner: "Back then, we could have gone a different way if you had dared." What remains in this artfully staged »crime scene« is a deeply disillusioned investigator.

In our review we wrote: "The clouds press heavily on the Upper Palatinate, the violins hang even harder over the unadorned landscape. Screenwriter Bernd Lange, who had previously written, among other things, the ›Tatort‹ about the machinations of the 'Ndrangheta in Dortmund, efficiently plunges the investigator into emotional chaos. Despite risky premises, the plot is cleanly built, only the ending weakens a bit. Above all, however, ›Hochamt für Toni‹ achieves its effect through the rich use of classic melodrama tricks that Michael Krummenacher is capable of. We are happy to be emotionally shaken up with Commissioner Voss."

We gave 8 out of 10 points. What do you think of the crime melodrama?

»Hochamt für Toni« was the ninth »Tatort« of the team from Franconia. The tenth is already in preparation. Max Färberböck, who has already shot some of the most interesting episodes with Fabian Hinrichs and Dagmar Manzel, such as »Heaven is a Place on Earth«, will once again be directing. If you want to see more of Hinrichs, you can watch the new episode of the »Browser Ballet« in the ZDF media library. The jack-of-all-trades gives a parody of the talk show host Markus Lanz.