□ reporter Wang Chun

□ Correspondent of this newspaper: Zheng Mengyong and Bao Xin

As the crackdown by the public security organs continues to intensify, some lawbreakers turn their attention to the Internet and lay "peach-colored traps" to illegally profit. Recently, the Yinzhou Branch of the Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau in Zhejiang Province cracked two such cases in succession, and issued a reminder that the public should keep their eyes open, improve their awareness of safety precautions, and beware of victimization.

In June 2022, the Yinzhou public security obtained clues in their work, and some people used apps such as Momo, Tantan, and Douyin to publish similar inducing information, which led traffic to offline "health clubs", suspected of illegal behavior. The police investigated and found that the shops did not provide so-called "special services" and were more likely to be scammed under the guise of wellness.

After in-depth investigation by the task force, the routines of these "health clubs" were clarified: in the first step, the gang posted health information and advertisements or pictures containing obscure pornographic content online, and then used chat dating software to add men as friends as virtual beauties to guide customers with special needs to the store; In the second step, different "employees" take turns to cooperate with a complete set of words, so that the victims can spend thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan at a time; The third step is that when the customer does not wait for the "imaginary service" and realizes that he has been deceived, the store manager will immediately come forward to appease and delay for various reasons...

The criminal gang is sure that those customers with special needs do not dare to make a big deal out of it, and will eat this dumb loss and commit crazy crimes. After preliminary investigation, more than 3200,1500 people were deceived, and the amount involved reached more than 236 million yuan. After ascertaining the facts of the crime, the Yinzhou public security arrested 15 criminal suspects headed by Xu Moumou and Xue Moumou in one fell swoop. Subsequently, under the unified guidance of the Ministry of Public Security, 50 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, together with local public security organs, launched cluster strikes and raided the remaining 203 stores. Up to now, <> people have been taken criminal compulsory measures by the Yinzhou public security in accordance with the law, and the case is still being further investigated.

On May 5, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Yinzhou, picked up a small sticker, he scanned the QR code on the sticker to log in and downloaded the dating app, after registering an account, the platform customer service contacted him and said that if you need to provide "special services", you must complete the task of brushing orders according to the requirements, Mr. Zhang believed it and successfully operated 3 times, and the rebate was also successfully received. Just when he fantasized that he could make a fortune and prepare to continue the transfer, the police found Mr. Zhang and told him that this was a new fraud routine of peach trap + brushing, and Mr. Zhang suddenly realized and immediately stopped the transfer to avoid greater losses.

In May this year, Yinzhou public security organized multiple police departments and departments to work together to successfully arrest three suspects, including Li Moujun, who posted QR code stickers in their jurisdiction, and seized unposted stickers and other crime items on the spot. At present, three suspects have been administratively detained by the Yinzhou police in accordance with the law.

In fact, such "pornographic stickers" are full of routines, first using a two-dimensional code with a certain visual impact to lure victims to scan the code to enter the fraudulent website, and after the victim scans the code to register and download the App, he is usually induced by the customer service to swipe the order, and then carry out further fraud. In fact, this kind of telecom network fraud criminal routine with "peach" as the shell is the same as the traditional "part-time brushing". However, unlike the traditional brush list, this routine has added color seduction, which is more seductive and confusing, and requires a high degree of vigilance.

Police reminder

1. There is a lot of "solicitation" information on the Internet. Be aware that these are scams with "peach" as bait. Moreover, the act of "soliciting prostitutes" itself is illegal, and criminals use this as an excuse to cheat even more brazenly.

2. At any time, do not easily click on unfamiliar web links, scan inexplicable QR codes, "beauty" is fake, "erotic encounter" is also fake, only your money is real! At any time, do not easily transfer money to strangers, pay attention to protect the safety of your property.

3. After discovering that you have been deceived, you should report to the police as soon as possible, and at the same time cooperate with the public security organ to investigate and collect evidence, and do not dare to report to the public security organ because the amount of money you have been deceived is not high or hindered by face, and you are worried about affecting your work and life.

4. The general public should resolutely resist the temptation of pornography, and do not take chances to commit illegal acts; Once the "little yellow card" is found, it is necessary to report it in time, let alone accept similar "promotion tasks" and be an accomplice of illegal crimes.

(Rule of Law Daily)