• Corrida de la Prensa Almeida not only premieres absolute majority: presents his new girlfriend 22 years younger and relative of the Bourbons

At 18.30 they met at the mouth of the door of the low laying of the "9" of the Monumental de las Ventas The King of Spain and the last revolutionary of bullfighting, Felipe VI and Paco Ojeda. The master, wild legend of the marshes, came from an intimate tribute organized by Rafael García-Garrido (Plaza 1) -the most important cultural event in all of San Isidro to be the bullfighting advisor of the monarch in the centennial Corrida de la Prensa.

They occupied a shadow barrier with the president of the Press Association of Madrid (APM), Juan Caño. That he was happier than a few bells with the sign "no tickets", a great success for the Press. The Minister of Culture, Miguel Iceta, also appeared on the scene, who went from denying the young cultural bonus to the bulls to putting it by legal imperative of the Supreme.

Before, at the luncheon-tribute to Ojeda -40 years of his revolution and his reclosión, which catapulted Madrid with two consecutive Great Gates (May 18 and 30, 1983)-, figures such as Espartaco -the captain general of the 80s-, Litri and Fermín Bohórquez were added. And Dr. Ángel Martín, the deputy director of EL MUNDO, Vicente Ruiz, and Mónica Tourón, director of the APM.

Afterwards, the royal reception was joined by the mayor of Madrid, Martínez-Almeida, who was accompanied by his girlfriend in the alley. News! The King said that he had not come to the bulls since 2018 and asked about the fair and the party. They explained that, in the absence of a resounding success in the artistic, it has been a success of affluence, with many young people and that they have rejuvenated in the lines. Iceta's eyes were like Marujita Díaz.

That I saw it.

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