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Images of a night of violence. Burning barricades, devastation, damage to property. In Leipzig, the protests continued until early Sunday morning after the prison sentence against the left-wing extremist Lina E. There were clashes between demonstrators and officials, according to the Leipzig police.

In the city, there had been "gatherings of apparently violent" people in various places. Emergency services were attacked and barricades were erected and set on fire. For most of the night, the police had to extinguish various fires with water cannons. Already on Saturday afternoon, there had been serious riots and violent clashes between the police and suspected left-wing extremist demonstrators.

In total, the police were deployed with several hundreds. Helicopters circled over the city. Some of the police officers were attacked with stones. Two officers were injured. By late evening, five arrest warrants had been issued, and the men, aged between 20 and 32, were accused of breach of the peace.

In left-wing circles, there had been nationwide mobilization for the demonstration on Saturday. The occasion was the verdict against Lina E. and three co-defendants on Wednesday for attacks on alleged or actual neo-Nazis, in which several people were injured, some seriously.