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Burning refugee shelter in Apolda, Thuringia

Photo: Johannes Krey / dpa

Around 5 o'clock in the morning, a fire broke out in the facility, according to MDR Thuringia. The building is said to have been completely on fire. According to police, around 250 residents had to be evacuated from the building. An emergency chaplain is on site.

Criminal investigation department investigates

According to a report in the "Bild", the deceased is said to be a nine-year-old boy, as the mayor of the city of Apolda, Rüdiger Eisenbrand, is said to have confirmed to the newspaper.

The building is no longer habitable after the fire. The people were taken by buses to an initial reception centre for refugees in Hermsdorf in the Saale-Holzland district.

The cause of the fire is currently still unclear, the criminal investigation department has started investigations. Fire investigators were requested, said the spokeswoman for the district office.