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Illustration of a biblical scene: On a cloud, Christ turns away in shame from the drinking bouts and fornication in this brothel

Photo: H. Tschanz-Hofmann / IMAGO

A school district in the U.S. state of Utah has banned the Bible from elementary and middle schools for "offensive and violent content." The step comes into force in Davis County, north of Salt Lake City, with immediate effect, several US media reported, such as NPR.

The background to the measure is therefore a state law from 2022. This makes it possible to ban books and films with "pornographic and indecent content" in schools.

It was said that the committee charged with reviewing the Bible had come to the conclusion that the book did not violate the law. Nevertheless, the decision was made to restrict access to high school-age students.

The decision was reportedly preceded by a complaint from parents last year. In it, they expressed criticism of the new law. "Now we can ban all books and we don't even have to read them," said the complaint, which was obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune.

There is still one thing missing from the list of books that have been banned so far: the Bible, "one of the most sex-laden books ever". It contains inappropriate content such as "incest, masturbation, sexual acts with animals, prostitution, genital mutilation, oral sex, dildos, rape and even infanticide."

Utah isn't the only U.S. state where certain topics are banned from school classes. In Florida, the governor and presidential candidate of the Republicans, Ron DeSantis, wants to ban school lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity for all ages. Even now, this teaching is prohibited from kindergarten to the third grade.

Recently, a school principal lost her job in Florida because she showed Michelangelo's "David" in class and did not inform her parents beforehand.