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Naked man in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

Photo: Nexta_TV / twitter

In Rome, a man has caused a stir with his protest: On Thursday, he climbed the main altar. There he exposed himself and stood naked on the marble surface. Photos of the incident then circulated on social media. It showed the man's naked back with the words "Save the Children of Ukraine" written in English.

Now the Vatican has announced a so-called penitential liturgy: This rite will be celebrated by the Archpriest of St. Peter's Basilica Cardinal Mauro Gambetti, as the official news portal Vatican News reported, citing the Vatican press office. Gambetti will celebrate the rite at the central altar of confession at noon in response to the "desecration".

According to Vatican News, he was a "man of Polish nationality in an altered emotional state." The man was taken away by security forces of the Vatican gendarmerie. Later, he was handed over to the Italian police, who issued an order to leave the country.

Just two weeks ago, there was a security-related incident in the Vatican: An apparently confused man had entered the Vatican with his car and had triggered a major alarm. The car raced through a checkpoint and reached the front door of the Apostolic Palace.