The National Cancer Center has published a "fact sheet" that summarizes the latest information, such as the fact that the mortality rate from cervical cancer is higher Japan than that of other developed countries, and the efficacy and safety of HPV vaccines for prevention. We hope that it will be used for countermeasures.

Cervical cancer is mainly caused by infection with a virus called HPV, and the National Cancer Center has created a "fact sheet" that summarizes the latest scientific information so that people can learn about the current situation of cervical cancer and use it for countermeasures.

In recent years, the age-adjusted mortality rate has been higher than in Europe, the United States, and South Korea, with more than 1,3000 people diagnosed with cervical cancer and nearly 10,2 deaths per <>,<> people in Japan every year.

In addition, the report shows in detail that the call for HPV vaccine was resumed last year, as efficacy and safety data were reported, while the active call was canceled due to a series of people complaining of body pain after vaccination.

On top of that, a British study found that when women were vaccinated at the age of 12 to 13, the risk of developing cervical cancer was reduced by 87%, headaches, pain in various areas, and general sluggishness are common symptoms that people complain of after vaccination, and medical cooperation systems to deal with symptoms are also explained.

Dr. Kota Katanoda, director of the National Cancer Center, said, "Cervical cancer can be eradicated with countermeasures, but it continues to increase in Japan.

The fact sheet is available on the National Cancer Center website.

National Cancer Center "Prevention Fact Sheet for Cervical Cancer and Other HPV-Related Cancers"

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