Laurent Mariotte 13:12 pm, June 03, 2023

Laurent Mariotte passes the director Isabelle Mergault on the grill of the Bons vivants. After "I find you very beautiful", "Finally widow", "Giving giving", she returns with a new funny and touching comedy: "Des mains en or", with Lambert Wilson and Josiane Balasko. Isabelle Mergault answers Laurent Mariotte's questions so that we get to know her better on the other side of the fork. What is the dish of your childhood? What's always in your fridge? What is your best meal? What is your worst meal? Who are the guests of your ideal dinner? What is your secret address? What is the word of hunger? Here are some of the questions asked by Laurent Mariotte.


Isabelle Mergault 

Des mains en or from June 7 at the cinema, with Lambert Wilson, Josiane Balasko, Sylvie Testud